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Meeting people

leuteAll new Düsseldorf citizens must register with the authorities, fill in forms and arrange telephone, Internet and electricity connections.
When you’ve mastered these bureaucratic hurdles and things are slowly getting a little calmer, it’s time to get to know your new surroundings and make some new social connections.
To help you do this, Düsseldorf has lots of leisure clubs, language groups and cultural organizations.

You’ll find societies and language groups from a large variety of countries that help you to become integrated, network and get orientated in your new home while still keeping your own culture.
Düsseldorf has many English-language groups, but naturally it also has a notably high level of Japanese cultural activity because of its large number of residents from Japan.

There are also groups for minorities from countries such as the Philippines, Iran or Morocco.
The Rhine metropolis also has international groups such as the Zentrum für interkulturelle Begegnung und Beratung ZIBB (Intercultural Meeting and Support Center) and local leisure groups such as the Dinner Rally, where people get to know each other by cooking together, or the Verein für Frauenkommunikation (Women's Communication Club), or the Nette-Leute-Club (Nice People Club), which organizes regular social activities for its 200 members in the Düsseldorf area.

With this very diverse choice, every newcomer to Düsseldorf should find something suitable, whether they want to meet like-minded people or enjoy new experiences.


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