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Heinrich Heine Gärten – Living like Heine in Düsseldorf

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Work only started in July 2011  on a new city district called Heinrich Heine Gardens on Hansaallee between Oberkassel and Heerdt, but you can already get an impressive picture of what it will look like when it’s finished in 2013, thanks to a life-sized temporary cladding called the Hollywood-Fassade.

Inspired by Düsseldorf’s most famous poet Heinrich Heine’s love of nature, some 313 new flats, loft apartments, town houses and city villas for sale or rent are being built on 3.75 hectares by the development company Frankonia.

Housing situation in Düsseldorf

umzug_zimmerIt’s difficult to find a nice and at the same time affordable appartment in Düsseldorf.
The state capital has the highest rents in North Rhine-Westphalia at 8 euro per sq m and rents are also among the highest among all German big cities.

In recent years Düsseldorf has become an increasingly popular place to live, which naturally is reflected in rental prices.
In addition, over 80 percent of the 330,000 rental properties are already more than 30 years old.

Good addresses & rental prices

wohnung2Düsseldorf is not only North Rhine-Westphalia’s most important city from an economic standpoint, it is also an attractive place to live and many more people arrive each year than leave.
So it’s no wonder that rents are among Germany’s highest at an average of 8 euro per sq m and that moving into a brand-new apartment in a good location will set you back 13 euro per sq m.
The high level of rents affects all sizes of apartments and the trend is for further rises.
In Düsseldorf, people who live on opposite sides of the Rhine are not as skeptical of each other as in Cologne, but there is still a latent mistrust.


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