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Nature & excursion in and around Düsseldorf

IMG_3803Sonnendeck People relocating to Düsseldorf quickly note that they don´t have to leave the city to go on an excursion into nature – it´s no accident that Düsseldorf is known as the city of gardens.
The attractions include the botanical garden with its glass dome that´s visible from a long way away, and Südpark, with its eclectic garden architecture, a park that is among the inhabitants´most popular green spaces.
With three parks in Heerdt, Holthausen and Flehe, there are charming evening or weekend destinations in the middle of the Rhine metropolis, where people seeking relaxation or active pursuits get their money´s worth. While Düsseldorf doesn´t have its own zoo, anyone visiting the Löbbecke Aquazoo won´t miss it at all.

The natural history museum presents visitors with a vivid look at life on land and in the sea with the help of live fish, reptiles and mammals.
If the sight of penguins and seals gives you a craving for cooling waters, you don´t have to make a long trip to the ocean.

Besides the Rhine wending its way through the city, there is Lake Unterbacher east of the city center.
This swimming lake offers many opportunities for sport and is considered one of the most popular destinations for Rhinelanders´excursions.

The numerous outdoor pools and recreational swimming Düsselstrand are also pleasant options for cooling off.
Just under a half hour´s drive from Düsseldorf, the Neander Valley is an El Dorado for lovers of nature and natural history.

For one thing, the game area in the nature preserve offers the opportunity for hiking and cycling. For another, the Neanderthal Museum is worth a visit.
This adventure museum at a historic site in the middle of the Neander Valley delves into the life and culture of our extinct relatives.
It appeals to families with children, too

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