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Overview of Düsseldorf´s housing associations

If you want to become a property owner in Düsseldorf, it ’s worthwhile joining a cooperative building society. Cooperative members have a lifetime right of residence.
The most important addresses are enlisted here.

A housing association founded in 1898 for civil servants, which is now open to all professions. The association has nearly 3,000 apartments in many buildings in nearly all of Düsseldorf’s city districts. More than 5,000 members.
›› Pempelfort, Kaiserstr. 46, Tel. 4 97 50,

Düsseldorfer Bau- und Spargenossenschaft
Anyone who buys a share of at least € 1,400 can become a member. Owns about 2,000 units throughout the city, including 1- to 5-room apartments.
›› Lierenfeld, Am Turnisch 5, Tel. 90 31 60,

Düsseldorfer Wohnungsgenossenschaft
Düsseldorf’s biggest housing cooperative with 6 600 units in and around Düsseldorf and more than 10 000 members.
›› Stadtmitte, Wagnerstr. 29, Tel. 1 78 20,

Self-help, self-management and personal responsibility are the guiding principles for the approx. 3,000 members of this housing association. It has 2,000 apartments in the city area on the Rhine’s right bank, which are not just home to railway workers despite the name (Eisenbahn = railway).
›› Düsseltal, Rethelstr. 64, Tel. 2 39 56 60,

This housing society has offered modern and affordable homes to all levels of society and age groups since 1919 in areas such as Gerresheim, Wersten and Garath. Also sells as well as rents housing units.
›› Lierenfeld, Gleiwitzer Str. 8, Tel. 22 90 00,

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