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Museums of Düsseldorf revisited


You can find anything worth knowing about shipping, especially on the Rhine, tucked away in the castle tower on the Rhine promenade. The museum tour is especially vivid, with a multimedia show and models and views of Rhine ships as well as harbor exhibits.
›› Altstadt, Burgplatz 30, Tel. 8 99 41 95,

Exhibits in Düsseldorf’s oldest museum show the development of the Rhine metropolis and its surroundings, reaching back to its earliest beginnings. Special exhibits also offer a look at various aspects of the city.
›› Carlstadt, Berger Allee 2, Tel. 8 99 61 70,

Founded as a private theater archive, this small museum presents an outline of the history of German theater and communicates the entire world of the stage in a memorable way. You can also take a trip of discovery into the museum’s library or learn about the theater with workshops, special exhibitions and performances.
›› Pempelfort, Jägerhofstr. 1, Tel. 8 99 61 30,

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Akademie-Galerie – Die Neue Sammlung
The works of professors as well as outstanding students such as Bruno Goller and Markus Lüpertz are presented in the academy’s halls, which are flooded with light. After each summer or winter semester, the final projects by the art academy’s students are worth a visit.
›› Altstadt, Burgplatz 1, Tel. 13 96-223 & -353,

Follow the trail of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Jägerhof castle houses a collection on the life and work of the famous poet with more than 1,000 exhibits in 11 rooms.
›› Stadtmitte, Schloss Jägerhof, Jacobistr. 2, Tel. 8 99 62 62,

This institute is devoted to the life and work of this famous Düsseldorf poet (born 1797). This unique museum houses the permanent exhibition, “Heinrich Heine. Near and Far,” along with archives and a library. Special exhibits delve into literary and musical themes.
›› Carlstadt, Bilkerstr. 12-14, Tel. 8 99 55 71,

Ceramics as far as the eye can see – the Hetjens Museum hosts an enormous variety in this art category, from its beginnings to the present. A ceiling-high hemisphere dating back to 1680 from what is now Pakistan is especially imposing. Ceramics courses are offered to museum visitors inclined to creativity.
›› Carlstadt, Schulstr. 4, Tel. 8 99 42 10,

The famous K20 art gallery was painstakingly renovated in 2010, growing in size by an impressive 2,000 sq m. In the expanded space, visitors can admire installations by Joseph Beuys and Nam June Paik. Video projections and graphics are also part of the exhibition. The museum also presents the masters of modern art, such as Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee and Gerhard Richter.
›› Altstadt, Grabbeplatz 5, Tel. 83 81-204,

The imposing Ständehaus houses a remarkable collection of international contemporary art, from 1980 on. The exhibited works are impressive (mostly sculptures, video art and photographs by artists such as Andreas Gursky and Thomas Ruff.) So is the building itself, with its grand space under the wonderful glass dome, where large-format sculptures find their home.
›› Unterbilk, Ständehaus 1, Tel. 83 81-204,

KIT  Kunst im Tunnel
Not your everyday venue – the exhibitions are in a space between tunnels for cars, beneath a promenade on the banks of the Rhine. Contemporary art is displayed here in rotating exhibitions.
›› Carlstadt, Mannesmannufer 1b, Tel. 8 92 07 69,

You’ll be rewarded with exciting art exhibitions if you aren’t frightened off by the ugly exterior of this concrete building. Since there’s no permanent collection, the Kunsthalle mounts rotating exhibits of contemporary artists at regular intervals. Young artists often display their works here.
›› Carlstadt, Grabbeplatz 4, Tel. 8 99 62 43,

Museum für Europäische Gartenkunst
Here you find the beauty of European garden art. This blooming branch of the arts is stage-directed with sculptures, paintings and statuary as well as with models and media on the various styles of garden art.
›› Benrath, Benrather Schloßallee 100-106, Tel. 8 99 38 32,

Museum Kunstpalast
After reopening in May 2011, the museum once more display its extensive collection of visual art from the Middle Ages to the present, with paintings from the Düsseldorf school of artists including Caspar David Friedrich, Peter Paul Rubens and Max Beckmann. Sophisticated traveling exhibitions make guest appearances here.
›› Pempelfort, Ehrenhof 4-5, Tel. 8 99 02 00,

NRW-Forum Kultur und Wirtschaft
Exciting rotating exhibitions on social issues of every kind. They examine everyday objects and issues from the media, communication, fashion and mobility fields and put them in a social-cultural context. For example, past exhibitions dealt with the automobile and comics. Most recently, the provocative works of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and an exhibition of container architecture have attracted much attention.
›› Pempelfort, Ehrenhof 2, Tel. 8 92 66 90,

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Nature & technology

Aquazoo-Löbbecke Museum
The most varied water dwellers, saurians, insects and penguins reside in this most assuredly living museum. From up close, you can watch sharks swimming in the aquarium or staff carrying out the daily feeding. You can also learn everything about life on and in the water from scientific exhibits.
›› Stockum, Kaiserswertherstr. 380, Tel. 8 99 61 50,

Museum für Naturkunde
This museum, housed in the Benrath Castle, offers a detailed overview of the habitat of the lower Rhine bay and the lower Berg countryside. It features flora and fauna, the Neander Valley and the tree population of the castle grounds. Highlights playfully demonstrate the beauty of nature, the Benrath bird clock with morning songs of the breeding birds on the grounds, along with the dancing bee clock. A mini-planetarium provides a look at the stars.
›› Benrath, Benrather Schloßallee 100-106, Tel. 8 99 38 32,

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4 floors full of magic, suspense and illusions – this film museum is a must-see for film fans, giving them a look inside the dream factory. Whether you want to learn more about film theory or the lives of famous film directors, or marvel at original film costumes.
›› Carlstadt, Schulstr. 4, Tel. 8 99 22 32,

Neanderthal Museum
Welcome to prehistory! An interactive museum of a special kind now stands near the spot where the fossilized remains of Neandertal man were found in 1856. Here you can learn everything about the most famous German ever and take a close look at human history.
›› 40822 Mettmann, Talstr. 300, Tel. 0 2104/97 97-0,

Schloss Benrath
This grand baroque castle houses three museums under one roof. A local natural history museum in the west wing; the garden art museum in the east wing, and the center block of a three-wing pleasure palace that Elector Carl Theodore used as his summer residence.
›› Benrather Schloßallee 100-106, Tel. 8 99 38 32,

You either love or hate it. If you love it, then a visit to the Düsseldorf mustard museum and store is an absolute must. Whether sweet, medium or spicy hot, there is an inexhaustible variety of mustard here, presented colorfully for all the senses. A demonstration offers a look at the production of this sausage complement.
›› Altstadt, Berger Str. 29, Tel. 8 36 80 49,

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