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Universities in Düsseldorf

State-run universities

Fachhochschule Düsseldorf
One of the region’s biggest universities of applied sciences with about 7,500 students and a range of 31 interdisciplinary courses in architecture, design, media studies, electrical engineering, mechanical and process engineering, social and cultural studies as well as economics.
›› Golzheim, Josef-Gockeln-Str. 9, Tel. 4 35 10,

Multi-discipline university with legal, medical, philosophy, mathematics and applied economics faculties, which are attended by 17,000 students.
›› Bilk, Universitätsstr. 1, Tel. 81 00,

Kunstakademie Düsseldorf

You can study liberal arts or for grammar or secondary school teaching qualifications in the subject of art. The academy’s courses are organized toward art (for example painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, film) and art-related sciences (art history, philosophy, didactics, sociology). Qualifications include diplomas and state certificates.
›› Altstadt, Eiskellerstr. 1, Tel. 1 39 60,

Robert Schumann Musikhochschule
The four study paths at this internationally renowned music college are music, music communication, sound and pictures as well as music and media. These cover the whole employment possibilities for musicians.
›› Golzheim, Fischerstr. 110, Tel. 4 91 80,
Private colleges

AMD Akademie Mode & Design
This private college has offered Bachelor’s courses in fashion and design management as well as fashion design since the 2007/2008 winter term. It is based in Hamburg.
›› Derendorf, Karl-Friedrich-Klees-Str. 10, Gardeplatz/Platz der Ideen, Tel. 38 62 60,

EBC Hochschule
The former Euro-Business-College Düsseldorf changed its name to EBC Hochschule in 2010. It offers internationally focused Bachelor’s and Master’s business courses such as International Business Management, Tourism & Event Management (also including a China focus), Economics & Politics and Business Psychology.
›› Stadtmitte, Leopoldstr. 2, Tel. 1 79 25 50,

Europäische Fachhochschule (EUFH) Neuss
The EUFH is a state-accredited technical college that is privately run and teaches for nationally and internationally recognized Bachelor’s degrees. It has branch-specific business study programs in the fields of commerce, industry, logistics, finance and shares management as well as business informatics and sales engineers. Also Bachelor’s and Master’s courses for those in employment.
›› 41460 Neuss, Hammer Landstr. 89, Tel. 0 21 31/4 03 06-0,

FOM - Fachhochschule für Oekonomie und Management
Germany’s leading economics academy with about 15,000 students on 22 campuses, evening and weekend lectures for employed people and apprentices. Bachelor and Master’s courses of study in international management, business administration, economy, IS and economic law.
›› Stadtmitte, Karlstr. 104, kostenlose Studienberatung Tel. 0 800/1 95 95 95,

Mediadesign - Hochschule für Design und Informatik
University for design and computer science, where training is provided in a practically oriented manner for all important fields of the media, extending from games, fashion and media design to media management.
›› Oberbilk, Werdener Str. 4, Tel. 17 93 93-0,

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