Schiff Ahoi

Düsseldorf´s old city has been called the longest bar in the world. That´s a trademark and important billboard for the city.
But it´s not merely there that taverns, bars, cafés, and dance clubs line up next to one another.
The new Düsseldorfer quickly realizes a colorful life blooms beyond the Königsallee and the old city.
There are also many cafés and bars in quiet corners and presumably sleepier parts of the city. They gladly welcome the Düsseldorf crowd as their guests.

Cozy and unusual cafés can be found in abundance. They include true institutions of tasty lattes and newspaper reading like the small Café Knülle.
Individuality in no way comes up short. Seifen Horst, for example, features a curious concept.
Cool drinks and light dishes satisfy your daily culinary needs at a location that once sold cosmetics and detergents.

Given Düsseldorf´s standing as a city of culture, it is the most natural thing in the world to link its gastronomic and artistic aspects together.
At the time-honored former parliament building and its K 21 art collection, you find the Bar am Kaiserteich, a highly styled establishment that aspires to status as art.

In the evening, it takes you to another world. Nor are the Düsseldorf and der Kunstverein on Grabbeplatz amateurs when it comes to bar ambience.

The hotels of the state capital don´t merely serve as sleeping quarters. The bar at the luxurious Hotel Intercontinental is a favored place to be, VIPs and mere mortals agree.
If you prefer something slightly less glamorous, the doors to numerous bars are open to you.

Cocktail bars in profusion don´t exactly make the choice an easy one.
For this reason long nights in the Bar Alexander or the Melody Bar, for example, are inevitable.

You can keep partying until dawn in the city´s legendary clubs. Düsseldorf´s colorful night life has plenty of hotspots to offer.
They are full to bursting at the seams on weekends and promise the most varied nightcrawlers pure party fun.

Trendy types and all kinds of VIPs grace Sam´s with their presence. Electro fans prefer the Monkey´s Club.
And if you find yourself still hanging around the longest bar in the world, why not meet up with like-minded people and drink a cool Alt at the trendy Kreuzherreneck bar!