Café del Sol

Bazzar Café
Since 1996, the café at the Wilhelm Marx House has been the port of call for coffee lovers. Even the furnishings are totally devoted to the brown bean. High-end espresso and coffee machines decorate the tastefully styled guest area.
›› Stadtmitte, Heinrich-Heine-Allee 53, Tel. 32 24 45
›› Flingern-Nord, Schlüterstr 3a, Tel. 6 98 83 72
›› www.bazzar.de

Bistro Zicke
In a cozy bistro atmosphere amid art and film posters, Düsseldorfers gather for a generous breakfast, a delicious latte or an evening glass of wine by candlelight. The rotating day and evening menu spoils you with treats such as antipasti, tapas, bruschetta, vegetables au gratin and pasta squares.
›› Carlstadt, Bäckerstr. 5a, Tel. 32 40 56, www.bistro-zicke.de

Botschaft Mitte
The Botschaft is a favorite of students, artists and business people. In short, a colorful and mixed clientele lounges in a comfortable, uncomplicated atmosphere. The music mix is varied as well, covering everything from house music to rock. On a weekly changing menu, you find light snacks like rustic bread with sheep’s cheese as well as home-style meals.
›› Pempelfort, Tußmannstr. 5, Tel. 76 94 94 07

Café Hüftgold
Its motto, “Enjoyment without regret,” seems to belie its amusing name. Each day, Café Hüftgold offers eight to 10 homemade cakes for that badly needed sugar rush. If you want, you can get an extra portion of rich cream. For a little less sweetness, there are small, tasty sandwiches made from organic bread. The coffee is extremely good. An unconventional yet successful concept.
›› Flingern-Nord, Ackerstr. 113, www.cafehueftgold.de

Café Kasbah
Named after the original Arabic term for citadel, the Café Kasbah is a small piece of Morocco a stone’s throw from the Rhine. The furnishings inside are authentic. Displaying a passion for detail, a small fountain ripples gently to itself. There are various snacks, along with a broad selection of drinks, including cocktails and homemade lime mint ice tea.
›› Altstadt, Rheinort 2, Tel. 8 69 38 88

Café Knülle
For years, this small café has been an institution devoted to a cup of café au lait and pleasant small talk. If you don’t feel like talking, you can skim through the newspapers lying out. Mornings there is a relaxed breakfast, and later there are delicious baguettes along with a small selection of cakes. The customers include a good many students.
›› Friedrichstadt, Oberbilker Allee 24, Tel. 31 84 43

Café Maushagen
This Düsseldorf confectioner is known for its tortes, pastry specialties, and homemade chocolate far beyond the city’s boundaries. And even if the café is only open Friday to Sunday and holidays, it offers a large selection of delicious cakes, such as chocolate tortes with raspberries and the chocolatey rich Herrentorte.
›› Pempelfort, Jülicher Str. 9, Tel. 46 47 48, www.maushagen.de

Café Muggel
A café with atmosphere and a rather restrained décor in arguably the trendiest section of the city. In the mornings, it has the status of a breakfast destination. At lunch, it’s a cool meeting spot for a quick meal. In the evening, it’s a trendy restaurant. Oberkassel without the Muggel – inconceivable. The cellar houses a small, really cozy fine art cinema.
›› Oberkassel, Dominikanerstr. 4, Tel. 55 41 82

Café Rekord
A hotspot in Flingern with a name that really fits. Designers’ hearts beat faster when they see the bright, tasteful furnishings of this small café. The day begins with breakfast. At noon, there are alternating dishes on the menu, and cakes sweeten the afternoon.
›› Flingern-Nord, Ackerstr. 204, Tel. 54 47 30 90, www.cafe-rekord.de

The finest enjoyment is guaranteed in this coffee roasting house and chocolaterie! Quality beans of the black gold roasted inhouse are served from Bodum pots and the small and exquisite breakfasts and meals are a sight to behold. Foodies are in the right place in the stylish Eickhof. The freshly handmade pralines, tiny chocolates and candies will melt in the mouths of even the most jaded sweet lover.
›› Mitte, Immermannstr. 40, Tel. 16 09 78 18, www.eickhof.net

The little sister of Shabby Chic at the harbor is an oasis of calm and good taste. A lovingly decorated spot with a passion for detail, good wines, cocktails, soft drinks, small dishes and fresh cakes in the afternoon. Non-mainstream music provides a nice atmosphere.
›› Altstadt, Kurzestr. 2, Tel. 8 28 43 45, www.lue-lue.com

Seifen Horst
Its selection has changed over the years, but its cult status continues unbroken. Cosmetics and cleaning agents were once sold in this small shop. Today, you find cold and hot drinks as well as small dishes sold through the store window. People meet here in the charming surroundings for cool refreshment or coffee and cakes.
›› Unterbilk, Neusser Str. 125, Tel. 0 173/4 44 88 00, www.seifenhorst.de

Sugarbird Cupcakes
The first cupcake café in Düsseldorf. Cupcakes are small, pretty homemade cakes that have a long tradition in America and England. These sugary art works have names like Raspberry Dream, Blueberry Cream, or Dark Chocolate. They are simply irresistible and a pleasure to behold.
›› Düsseltal, Rethelstr. 153, Tel. 98 07 74 10, www.sugarbird-cupcakes.de

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Bar Alexander
A small bar with a long bar counter and an even longer list of spirits. The bartenders know all there is to know and mix everything from classic to molecular cocktails, and sometimes their own creations. There is a choice of more than 90 different liquid creations. The Flights are ideal for testing, with four sample-sized cocktails in each.
›› Unterbilk, Düsselstr. 71, Tel. 8 76 37 59, www.bar-alexander.com

Bar am Kaiserteich
The state capital’s top spot with artistic aspirations! An altogether special ambience is wrought by the unique walls, consisting of a blown-bubble pattern in orange and green hues, the high ceilings, and the lighting in the time-honored Düsseldorf parliament building. Not to mention the K 21 art collection of today. In the evening, the green shaded lamps light up, and the cozy café is transformed into a hot in-spot. The cocktail menu is as full of fantasy as the ambience. And if you don’t get enough of the setting at night, you can come back in the morning for a creative breakfast.
›› Carlstadt, Ständehausstr. 1, Tel. 1 71 30 20, www.kaiserteich.com

Bar Fifty Nine
The address of the Hotel Intercontinental gives the bar its name. It’s described as the most beautiful bar in the city. Its creations don’t just win over the ordinary mortals. VIPs are enthusiastic as well. An unparalleled selection of international vodkas with more than 130 cocktails awaits the guest. Snacks until 1 am.
›› Friedrichstadt, Königsallee 59, Tel. 8 28 50, www.duesseldorf.intercontinental.com

Probably the smallest cocktail bar in the city. If you come early, you have a good chance in getting a seat. Happy hour until 9 pm. Even in all the turmoil, the bar team stays calm and mixes wonderful cocktails. There is a lounge on the first floor, and the DJ beneath the landing is responsible for good party music.
›› Altstadt, Kurze Str. 14, Tel. 0 176/­22 73 82 89, www.cubanitos.de

Cocktailbar Mai Tai
The atmosphere in this cocktail bar in the old city could not be more typical. Amid its exotic-seeming interior adorned with baskets, bamboo and corresponding decor, non-locals slurp their cocktails with relish during happy hour. It offers the whole spectrum of a classic cocktail menu.
›› Altstadt, Hunsrückenstr. 22, Tel. 32 32 07

Jase Livingbar
Classic-chic club atmosphere. Bottle after bottle of a broad selection of spirits line up behind the long bar, and the capable crew uses them to create 100 different cocktails and other drinks. If you are a member of the Jase club, you’ll certainly be given a good table for which the stylish clientele would otherwise compete.
›› Altstadt, Burgplatz 13, Tel. 8 68 17 97, www.jasebar.de

Melody Bar
Long nights are part of the program. So is the line in front of the entrance. Although the bar is in the middle of the old city’s bustle, the turmoil stays outside. First-class cocktails, and generous on the liquor, something rather rare nowadays. The relaxed clientele enjoys a good whiskey.
›› Altstadt, Kurze Str. 12, Tel. 32 90 57

Salon de Amateurs
A trendy meeting spot in the residence of the Kunsthalle and Kunstverein. It’s not just artists and friends of the arts that treasure the rather cool and simple setting of this elongated room with subdued lighting. The bar crew provides a good mix and DJs regale the partiers with jazz, electronic music and disco.
›› Altstadt, Grabbeplatz 4, www.salondesamateurs.de

The name refers to Zin, the Israeli desert, and Zin-Zin is designed to provide the clientele with a restorative oasis and quench their thirst in a pleasant way. Here life begins at 6 pm with relaxing music and cool drinks.
›› Friedrichstadt, Königsallee 59, Tel. 86 39 99 24, www.zin-zin.de

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Pub restaurants

Ab der Fisch
This fish is well-known on the restaurant scene. Whatever it lacks in bells and whistles, its somewhat chic clientele makes up for it. Whether it’s breakfast, coffee and cakes or bistro meals in the evening, there is something for every taste on the menu. There’s plenty of reading material for comfortable browsing, too.
›› Pempelfort, Moltkestr. 124, Tel. 48 25 88, www.abderfisch.de

Centrally located at the entrance to the old city, this café attracts a mixed clientele of all ages to enjoy the first meal of the day. For lunch, you choose between various fare, ranging from sandwiches and soups to lasagna. In the afternoon, coffee and cakes are the attraction and in the evenings, it gets a bit more crowded.
›› Altstadt, Bolkerstr. 63, Tel. 32 27 70, www.cafe-balthasar.de

Bar Olio
Morbid charm on the grounds of the former freight railway station. The furnishings are simple and thrown together. Nonetheless, business and advertising people feel equally comfortable here. The good cooking naturally contributes to that. A mixture of Mediterranean and Asian dishes pleases the palate. The small establishment is frequently full to bursting.
›› Pempelfort, Schirmerstr. 54, Tel. 3 67 72 94

A top address within the Flingern bar scene. Day in and day out, a lively hustle and bustle reigns here. No wonder, since the breakfast selection alone is stunning. The rest of the menu is nothing to scoff at either. The salad with roast turkey is very nearly a must. Its pleasant clientele is colorfully mixed and is happy to come in the evenings, too.
›› Flingern-Nord, Ackerstr. 106, Tel. 6 79 09 73

Café Florian
A beautiful spot, and not just because of the setting. Casual folks meet here and begin the day with an ample breakfast. There’s also salad as well as small and hearty dishes such as the Düsseldorf mustard roast, meatloaf or bacon pancakes at good prices. The staff is obliging and contributes to the good mood as well.
›› Pempelfort, Nordstr. 56, Tel. 49 89 80

Café Weise
A perfect spot for a get-together over coffee or delicious food. The regularly changing menu offers dishes such as the Düsseldorf mustard roast, beef filet or chicken breast. It’s usually hard to find a free table at noon. This combination of café and bar gives off an inviting, friendly atmosphere.
›› Bilk, Himmelgeisterstr. 117, Tel. 31 37 77

A comfortable, generous tavern atmosphere reigns here. The menu promises delicious food and large portions, and plenty of customers are attracted by its cakes, a traditional menu, and a lunch menu that changes daily. People come here Sundays for its ample breakfast buffet or just a beer in the evening.
›› Bilk, Aachener Str. 58, Tel. 60 02 88 90, www.geissel-in-bilk.de

In a cozy brewery atmosphere, you find a range of coffees, five kinds of beer and a hearty brew house cuisine, plus international dishes to try. Everything under the sign of the deer antlers.
›› Pempelfort, Alt Pempelfort 2, Tel. 1 71 14 05, www.hirschchen.com

A cozy bar in Oberkassel, totally without star allure. The picture of its namesake, the famous American artist, is naturally not to be missed. The music is as good as its menu. There are various delicious salads, along with noodle and meat dishes. Beer on tap and various wines invite you to linger.
›› Oberkassel, Lankerstr. 8, Tel. 58 89 72

A smart local establishment with good food. Attention long sleepers: breakfast is served until 4 pm. Early risers enjoy the lunch dishes, and the evening menu features tapas, fish and meats as well as pasta. Prawns are the order of the day on Tuesday evenings, and Wednesday is cocktail night. For work addicts, there is free WiFi access.
›› Pempelfort, Moltkestr. 110, Tel. 56 65 02 72, www.leos-duesseldorf.de

Les Halles
The unique, unconventionally styled former warehouse is absolutely worth seeing and visiting for many different reasons. For one thing, it has a large aquarium. Whether for a daily after-work beer, for one of their club events or live acts on the weekend, for breakfast on Saturday (until 4 pm) or brunch on Sunday. Despite the beautiful terrace, you shouldn’t miss its interesting inner life even when the sun is shining.
›› Pempelfort, Schirmerstr. 54, Tel. 4 40 26 74, www.les-halles.de

Soups have lost their monopoly status here – you can also eat with a knife and fork. Breakfasts, all manner of salads, pasta, wok dishes, and cakes round off the menu. The basic idea originated in London, and it’s taken a casual and trendy form here. Düsseldorf diners like it so much that the soup is now ladled out in three locations.
›› Pempelfort, Tußmannstr. 3, Tel. 4 40 32 78
›› Löffelbar Eatery, Stadtmitte, Oststr. 51
›› Löffelbar Casino, Lörick, Am Seestern 18, Tel. 4 20 99 99
›› www.loeffelbar.de

A typical neighborhood pub with everything that goes with it. A nicely varied clientele, ranging from students to a stylish in-crowd, cool songs from the turntable and a delicious cross-over cuisine promise a successful, interesting stay. How could it be any different, the place is almost always packed.
›› Unterbilk, Friedrichstr. 115a, Tel. 9 33 74 10, www.mengwasser.de

Miss Moneypenny
Not just for Bond fans, even if it has the flirtatious Secret Service secretary to thank for its chic name. The centerpiece is a long, white table accompanied by feminine mauve upholstery, where a varied clientele is happy to sit. Creative dishes. A good lunch special contributes to the atmosphere.
›› Bilk, Brunnenstr. 2a, Tel. 3 10 20 43, www.missmoneypenny-duesseldorf.de

Ohme am Markt
When the district and state courts moved from the old city to Oberbilk, the judges eased their adjustment by quickly taking a branch of their favorite establishment with them. Even non-jurists enjoy the eminently drinkable Uerige brew and the hearty home cooking at noon and in the evenings. Breakfast starts at 8 am.
›› Oberbilk, Bogenstr. 22, Tel. 22 96 41 35

Whether it’s breakfast, a midday snack or in the evening, this place is full and the mood is glorious. Besides the menu, the kitchen offers specials of the day with a seasonal influence. The salads and the tapas are extremely popular. A mixed clientele keeps coming, one right after the other.
›› Friedrichstadt, Adersstr. 21, Tel. 8 76 66 66, www.rosies.de

Hospitality and a cozy ambience are at home at Saffran’s. Here you can ring in the evening, gab with friends and enjoy the here and now. There are many regular customers, and the charming staff knows them all. The cooking is likewise endearing, with its schnitzel and rustic pan steak. There is a varied brunch on Sundays.
›› Pempelfort, Collenbachstr. 21, Tel. 44 63 64, www.cafe-saffrans.de

Schiff Ahoi
Oberkassel folks cast anchor here with bag and baggage. The menu is mainly Mediterranean, and even the drinks menu is open to the world, with beers from Germany, international wines, and frothy lattes. At breakfast, the crew is on board and ready to go.
›› Oberkassel, Sonderburgstr. 27, Tel. 55 50 64

Ugly de luxe
Is this idiosyncratic name a contradiction in terms or is the place just fishing for compliments? In any case, the furnishings recall 1960’s charm, and its retro style is skillfully staged. The ambitious kitchen serves up treats such as salmon on noodles, excellent soups, and crunchy salads. It offers cocktails, soft drinks and beers.
›› Bilk, Karolingerstr. 80, Tel. 3 11 93 54, www.uglydeluxe.de

Despite the name (water cafe), you won’t be served runny brews here. Quite the opposite. Different kinds of fine coffee varieties are prepared with vitalized water and there’s also a wide selection of special cakes such as apple-vanilla or cherry crumble. Sadly, the café is open only from Friday to Sunday, so it’s best to use it as an opportunity for a break after a weekend walk through the Volksgarten.
›› Oberbilk, Flügelstr. 58, Tel. 46 83 55 66, www.wassercafe.de

Zur Uel
A hip old city tavern with a long tradition. A mix of generations casually chats over their cool beers and classic tavern food. Calamari, baked potatoes with herby cream cheese, and classy salad varieties have thrilled folks for years. Nothing has changed in the simple yet attractive ambience. The courtyard is as cozy as ever.
›› Altstat, Ratinger Str. 16, Tel. 32 53 69

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The best for breakfast at a glance

Bistro Hebmüller im Meilenwerk   
Brunch Sun 10.30 am-2.30 pm
Sunday brunch is served every other week here. Coffee or tea are included in the price of the ample brunch. The bistro has 70 seats, and the semicircular glass façade allows a look into the Meilenwerk’s halls from either side. Reservations recommended.
›› Oberbilk, Harffstr. (im Meilenwerk) 110a, Tel. 15 92 15 25, www.koflerkompanie.com

Brunch Sun 10 am-3 pm  
Brunch inklusive Kinderbetreuung.
›› Hafen, Hammer Str. 17, Tel. 6 02 74 77, www.eigelstein-­duesseldorf.de

Breakfast Sat 11 am-3 pm
Breakfastbuffet Sun 11 am-3 pm   
Saturday breakfast is à la carte and a generous breakfast buffet is brought out on Sundays, all in a smoke-free environment.
›› Bilk, Aachener Str. 58, Tel. 60 02 88 90, www.geissel-in-bilk.de

Brunch Sun 10.30 am-3 pm   
Traditional Sunday brunch in a cozy brew house atmosphere, with various kinds of coffee.  
›› Pempelfort, Alt Pempelfort 2, Tel. 1 71 14 05, www.hirschchen.com

Im Füchschen  
Breakfast until 11.30 am
In this comfy atmosphere, you can enjoy a hearty brew house breakfast, with a house-brewed Alt if you so desire. The meat and sausage specialties are prepared according to old recipes.
›› Altstadt, Ratinger Str. 28, Tel. 13 74 71 6, www.fuechschen.de

Les Halles 
Breakfast Sat 10 am-4 pm
Brunch Sun 10 am-4 pm
With its breakfast offerings, this unique, unconventionally styled warehouse offers a good start to the weekend every Saturday. The selection ranges from various kinds of sweets, to Mediterranean and American fare, all the way to the house breakfast. Brunch on Sundays at the same time as breakfast.
›› Pempelfort, Schirmerstr. 54, Tel. 4 40 26 74, www.les-halles.de

Brunch Sun & holidays 10.30 am-3 pm 
A copious brunch! Besides classic breakfast offerings, there are cold meat plates, a variety of terrines and pasties, fish and meat, numerous side dishes and luscious desserts.  
›› Stadtmitte, Jacobistr. 6, Tel. 17 30 40, www.mk-1.de

Breakfast 9 am-4 pm 
The first meal of the day is served daily from 9 am to 4 pm. The menu reads like a Who’s Who of breakfast varieties. Their names are Great Morning, Sweet Morning, Parisienne, Petit, Canadian and Vital. At the shop, you can buy cigarettes, cigars and reading matter.
›› Derendorf, Glockenstr. 20, Tel. 600 66 33, www.mangold.tv

Breakfast 10 am-1 pm
Brunch Sun 10 am-3 pm
Favorite meeting spot in the Medienhafen, with innumerable breakfast treats and two hot meals. Coffee, tea or milk is included in the price. If it’s too much for you, you can choose from among the small and large breakfasts on the menu.
›› Hafen, Neuer Zollhof 1, Tel. 3 39 84 10, www.meerbar.de

Breakfast 10 am-4 pm 
The morning menu includes a number of treats that make getting up worthwhile. These include various bagel sandwiches, tortillas or scrambled eggs, a Spanish, Dutch or American breakfast. Yoghurt with fruit, muesli and various juices, too.
›› Flingern-Nord, Hoffeldstr. 37, Tel. 6 98 66 89, www.nooij.de

Brunch Sun & holidays 11 am-3 pm 
A number of pick-me-ups are on the agenda in this comfortable setting: rolls, croissants, various kinds of cheese, varieties of scrambled eggs, fried eggs, grilled sausages, turkey breast and salmon. There are also sweets and a farmer’s breakfast.
›› Pempelfort, Collenbachstr. 21, Tel. 44 63 64, www.cafe-saffrans.de

Breakfast 10 am-11 pm 
Sat, Sun & holidays 10 am-3 pm 
Breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere – and into the small hours, no matter whether you are in the old city or in Derendorf. Varying breakfast times in the Stilwerk branch.

›› Altstadt, Mühlenstr. 2, Tel. 1 36 53 87
›› Derendorf, Frankenstr. 1, Tel. 39 31 13
›› Stadtmitte, Grünstr. 15 (im Stilwerk), Tel. 86 28 28 0
›› www.schwan-restaurant.de

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