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Please register - Düsseldorf´s authorities

pass_klPut your name here, your address there, then sign on the dotted line... if you want to be able to watch TV in your new home, make a phone call, turn on the heating or the lights, you have to fill in lots of forms.
The trip to the Einwohnermeldeamt (Residents Registration Office) should be one of the first things you do because according to North Rhine-Westphalia’s registration law you are obliged to register in your new district within a week after moving.
Penalties may apply if you leave it longer. Furthermore, you only feel like a genuine Düsseldorf resident when it’s official, don’t you?
And it’s easy to register in Düsseldorf. You just need to go to any one of the 11 district offices located in the city area.
You need to bring ID documents for everyone who is moving (ID, child’s ID or birth certificate) as well as a registration form filled out and signed by the persons to be registered.

The form can be downloaded from the Internet at Registration is free.
Only address changes of a motor vehicle registration certificate have a fee, which is € 10.70. You don’t have to deregister from your previous district if you move within Germany. This is done for you by the registration authority at your new residence.

For foreigners there are a few more steps in the authorization process after registration.
They must get a residence permit, which since September 2011 comes as a credit card-sized document with an electronic chip (elektronischer Aufent­haltstitel – eAT) – from the Amt für Einwohnerwesen (office for residents affairs) in Willi-Becker-Allee with a confirmation of residence from the Einwohnermeldeamt.

Citizens of the EU, European Economic Area countries and Switzerland can obtain a freedom of movement certificate in person from the foreign nationals’ office.

Overview of important addresses

City information

Citizens info
›› Tel.89-91,

Main number for official matters
›› Tel. 1 15, Mo-Fr 08.00-18.00 Uhr

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District offices

Opening hours in most district offices
Mon & Tues 7.30 am-4 pm, Wed & Fri 7.30 am-1 pm, Thur 7.30 am-6 pm

Bürgerbüro im Dienstleistungszentrum
›› Oberbilk, Willi-Becker-Allee 7, Tel. 89-91

Bürgerbüro Bilk
›› Unterbilk, Bachstr. 145, Tel. 89-91

Bürgerbüro Benrath
›› Benrath, Benrodestr. 46, Tel. 89-91

Bürgerbüro Eller
›› Eller, Gertrudisplatz 8, Tel. 89-91

Bürgerbüro Garath
›› Garath, Frankfurterstr. 231, Tel. 89-91

Bürgerbüro Gerresheim
›› Gerresheim, Neusser Tor 8, Tel. 89-91

Bürgerbüro Kaiserswerth
›› Kaiserswerth, Friedrich-von-Spee-Str. 30, Tel. 89-91

Bürgerbüro Oberkassel
›› Oberkassel, Luegallee 65, Tel. 89-91

Bürgerbüro Rath
›› Rath, Münsterstr. 508, Tel. 89-91

Bürgerbüro Wersten
›› Wersten, Burscheider Str. 29, Tel. 89-91

Bürgerbüro Unterbach
Opening hours Mon 11 am-1 pm, 2-4 pm & Thur 11 am-1 pm, 2-6 pm and by prior appointment.
›› Unterbach, Breidenplatz 8, Tel. 21 03 07-16, -17

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Vehicle matters

Road traffic licensing dept.
Opening Mon & Tues 7.30 am-4 pm, Wed 7.30 am-1 pm, Thur 7.30 am-6 pm, Fri 7.30 am-1 pm.
›› Flingern-Süd, Höherweg 101, Tel. 89-91,

Parking for residents
People with an officially registered residence in a Düsseldorf district where there is residents-only parking can request a resident’s parking permit personally or by writing from the road traffic licensing department. A 12-month permit costs € 25.50.
›› Flingern-Süd, Höherweg 101, Tel. 89-91,

Since 2009 only vehicles with low-polluting emissions have been allowed in certain parts of the city center. For identification these vehicles must display an emissions sticker, which owners can obtain for € 5 from the road traffic licensing dept. or apply for on the Internet for € 7.
›› Flingern-Süd, Höherweg 101, Tel. 89-91,

Zulassungsbehörde für Kfz

Export permits, de-registration and reregistration of vehicles, vehicle sales, changes of ownership, temporary plates, new registrations, vintage car plates, seasonally valid plates, reregistration of vehicle when the owner’s address changes, custom plates.
›› Flingern-Süd, Höherweg 101, Tel. 89-91,

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Tax offices

Provides information on, for example, changes in tax status, deadlines, time-limits, also forms, legal documents and more.
›› Finanz­amt Düsseldorf-Altstadt: Pempelfort, Kaiserstr. 52, Tel. 49 74-0
›› Finanzamt Düsseldorf-Mettmann: Stadtmitte, Harkortstr. 2-4, Tel. 38 04-0
›› Finanzamt Düsseldorf-Mitte: Oberbilk, Kruppstr. 110, Tel. 77 98-0
›› Finanzamt Düsseldorf-Nord: Golzheim, Roßstr. 68, Tel. 44 96-0
›› Finanzamt Düsseldorf-Süd: Oberbilk, Kruppstr. 110-112, Tel. 77 98-0

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Addresses for foreigners

Office for the Affairs of Non-Germans
For all issues involving foreigners, from general information and visa extensions to residence permits and international travel documents.
›› Oberbilk, Willi-Becker-Allee 7, Tel. 89-2 33 31,

NRW state integration office & Düsseldorf integration board
Political body that aims to improve the participation possibilities and protect the interests of non-German nationals in NRW and Düsseldorf.
›› Landesintegrationsrat NRW, Friedrichstadt, Helmholtzstr. 28, Tel. 99 41 60,
›› Integrationsausschuss Düsseldorf, Willy-Becker-Allee 8, room 511, 8 99 35 27

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Waste disposal

This waste disposal and cleaning company is contracted by the city to remove waste from private households. Bulky waste is usually collected in different districts, pickup can be arranged through Awista. Bulky waste up to 2 m³ is free. Telephone advice for waste separation and prevention.
›› Flingern-Süd, Höherweg 100, Tel. 83 09 90 99 & 0 180/18 31 83 1,

Recycling centers to dispose of paper, organic waste, wood, medicines and harmful substances. The Flingern center also accepts electronic devices and cooking fat and disposes of bulky waste for a fee of € 10 per car load.
›› Flingern-Nord, Flinger Broich 15, open Mon-Fri 9 am-4.30 pm, Sat 9 am-4 pm
›› Garath, Frankfurter Str. 253, open Mon-Fri 9 am-4.30 pm, Sat 9 am-2 pm
›› Lohausen, Niederrheinstr. 229, open Mon-Fri 9 am-4.30 pm, Sat 9 am-2 pm

Information on waste disposal, ordering or returning containers for non-recyclable or organic waste, applications for reduced fees due to individual composting.
›› Bilk, Brinckmannstr. 7, Abteilung 19/1.2, Tel. 8 92 50 50,

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