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Frankfurt´s professional sports men and women are always in the top league whether they compete in basketball, ice hockey, soccer or rugby, but the city also cheers on its ordinary citizens as well as the pros.
The city´s excellent sports and leisure facilities leave people hardly any choice but to stay on the run.
Frankfurt residents are especially active in the summer months, for example, on Tuesday evenings when about 2,000 rollerbladers take part in a Night Skating event.
Or on May 1, when thousands of pedal pushers join the traditional Eschborn-Frankfurt City Loop bike race (formerly called the Rund um den Henninger-Turm).

And more than 2,000 triathletes show their stamina by swimming, cycling and running in one event in Germany´s leading Ironman event in July.
This burst of energy even carries on into October when over 12,000 runners race across the entire city in the Frankfurt Marathon.
More than 210,000 Frankfurt residents stay fit as members of about 420 sports and leisure clubs in the city that are part of the Sportkreis Frankfurt sports association.

The German Soccer Federation, the world´s largest single sports federation, has its headquarters here, and manages the fortunes from Frankfurt of 26,000 clubs with 6.3 million members.
The Main metropolis is also the headquarters of the German Gymnastics Association, which has over 5.1 million members in about 20,500 clubs, as well as the German Olympic Sports federation.
So it can be said without fear of contradiction that Frankfurt is Germany´s sports capital.


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