New in Frankfurt? This is what you need to know

Innenstadt_OpernplatzOpernplatz, Frankfurt am Main

All roads lead to Frankfurt. Anyone who travels a lot has probably already been to the city, or at least to the airport, main station or through the autobahn intersection, since Frankfurt’s central location makes it one of Europe's most important hubs.

Apartment hunting – how to find a flat in Frankfurt

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It’s hard to find accommodation that’s both attractive and affordable in Frankfurt, but with a bit of patience and luck it’s not impossible. Because of the city’s growth, there’s a shortage of available accommodation in Frankfurt.

Moving to Frankfurt – relocation agencies, mail, phone ...

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After you’ve found your new home, you’ll want to make your moving day a success too. In addition to many helping hands and packing boxes you’ll need a furniture truck and, of course, free parking space in front of your old and new homes. 


Dealing with authorities and consulates in Frankfurt

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Put your name here, your address there, then sign on the dotted line... If you want to be able to watch TV in your new home, make a phone call, turn on the heating or the lights, you have to fill in lots of forms. The trip to the Residents Registration Office should be one of the first things you do.

Climb aboard – buses, trams and trains take you through the big city


In Frankfurt and the Rhein-Main area, commuter trains and U-Bahns underground trains, regional trains, buses and trams provide an integrated public transportation network. No matter where you want to go, you only need one ticket: the 153 transport companies in the region are part of the Rhein-Main transportation network (RMV) fare system.


Literally great - language schools in Frankfurt

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Language schools in Frankfurt have helped foreigners from over 200 different nations including Brazilians, Croatians, Swedes and Chinese to express themselves in German. There are around 70 schools specialising in teaching German as a foreign language.

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New teachers, new schoolmates, new friends – when parents move, a different school or kindergarten is on the timetable for their children. As soon as parents realize this, they have a good reason to be happy about their new home city.

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In Frankfurt it's easy to expand your intellectual horizon. The city boasts renowned universities and top-ranked research facilities as well as a multitude of centers for continued education.

Get busy – how and where to find a job in Frankfurt


Frankfurt is in the middle of Europe's most productive regions. In the Rhein-Main region, where about 5 milllion people live, there are 320,000 companies employing 2.5 million. Together the companies' annual gross domestic product amounts to some €167.8 billion.

Meeting people


You´ve changed your job, moved town and left your friends behind. Or you followed the love of your life and the relationship crashed. For whatever reason, you´re suddenly alone in the big city and feel isolated in a lively place like Frankfurt despite its more than 660,000 residents.

Going out – the best restaurants, bars and clubs


Asia, America, Greece or France – in Frankfurt, you can make a culinary voyage around the world, without leaving the city. And after dinner, there are lots of hot spots and clubs in the city waiting for night owls. This is where Frankfurt citizens enjoy themselves.

Theaters and museums of global renown


Connoisseurs will not be unaware of the Frankfurt Opera, which has a good international reputation. Frankfurt is also famous as a book capital and a city of museums.

Party in the city: the most popular festivities in the Rhein


Carnival parties, multicultural street festivals, wine festivals or the mega-event – the Museum Shore Festival. Lots of events take place in and around Frankfurt. If you want to celebrate with us...

From Zeil to Berger Straße: Frankfurt’s shopping dorados


Shopping in Frankfurt is, like the city itself, characterized by world-class flair on the one hand and regional diversity on the other. Frankfurt boasts the Zeil, Germany’s highest-grossing shopping street, which attracts about half a million customers per day.

Germany’s sports capital


Frankfurt´s professional sports men and women are always in the top league whether they compete in basketball, ice hockey, soccer or rugby, but the city also cheers on its ordinary citizens as well as the pros. The city´s excellent sports and leisure facilities leave people hardly any choice but to stay on the run.