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A list of international schools in Frankfurt


school regulatory agency


Staatliches Schulamt  
State schools department offers advice ranging from starting school to education rights.
›› Gutleutviertel, Stuttgarter Str. 18-24, Tel. 069 3898900,

The city education office (Stadtschulamt).
›› Sachsenhausen, Seehofstr. 41, Tel. 069 21233891,


municipal bilingual schools


Grammar school with bilingual German/French lessons for children aged 11-12 and over. Officially recognized for its music courses.
›› Sachsenhausen, Holbeinstr. 21-23, Tel. 069 33840,

Grammar school with bilingual German/Italian department, provides study groups in the afternoon.
›› Sachsenhausen, Schweizerstr. 87, Tel. 069 21233841,

Bilingual German/English department. International degrees, partner schools in the USA, England, India, France, Japan and Russia.
›› West­end-Süd, Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 22, Tel. 069 21236944,

Municipal primary school with bilingual German/Italian and German/Greek lessons. From the second year English, Greek, Spanish, Russian, French and Italian are part of the curriculum. Starting with the third year, English is taught as the first foreign language.
›› Westend, Bremer Str. 25, Tel. 069 21235256,

State primary school with bilingual German/Italian department. Optional English lessons for pupils aged 8-9 and up to approximately 280 students.
›› Sachsenhausen, Lettigkautweg 8, to 2020 due to renovation: Pavillon­anlage Länderweg, Seehofstr. 45, Tel. 069 60605333,

Municipal primary school and Europe-system school with bilingual German/French class; approximately 500 students, extensive range of music courses.
›› Sachsenhausen, Textorstr. 104, Tel. 069 21235255,

Grammar school with bilingual German-French department. Ziehenschule was Frankfurt’s first grammar school to offer the ABI-BAC diploma.
›› Eschersheim, Josephskirchstr. 9, Tel. 069 21234147,


international schools


accadis International School Bad Homburg  
Bilingual international school north of Frankfurt with lessons in English and German. The globally successful Immersion Method provides education in two languages from Preschool to Primary Class and Elementary School to Secondary School. accadis ISB students complete the Cambridge IGCSE exams at the end of Grade 10 and the International Baccalaureate Diploma in Grades 11 and 12. The curriculum equips German and non-German students with an ideal scholastic aptitude, facilitated by a cooperation with its affiliate accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg that is unique in Germany.
›› 61352 Bad Homburg, Südcampus Bad Homburg, Am Weidenring 52-54 (formerly Norsk-Data-Str. 5), Tel. 06172 984141,

Die Kinderzeit-Schule  
This school uses the immersion learning method to teach in three languages. Lessons are taught in German and English and from the age of eight children are taught a third language. The school initially opened as a primary school but is already planning to expand. Classes are limited to 13 pupils to ensure the best learning environment.
›› 65824 Schwalbach, Am Kronberger Hang 2a, Tel. 06196 969460,

Erasmus Frankfurter Stadtschule  
Primary school and academic high school with trilingual education in German, English and Spanish run according to the immersion method, i.e. native speakers in the day care center and the school speak only their language with the children. Full-day school with breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack.
›› Ostend, Sonnemannstr. 9-11, Tel. 069 90743640, www.­

Europäische Schule Frankfurt  
Full-day school with kindergarten, primary and secondary departments, created for children of EU employees, with a few places – subject to school fees – for “ineligible” students. Multilingual, multicultural and multi-denomination teaching in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. Certificate: European Baccalaureate.
›› Niederursel, Praunheimer Weg 126, Tel. 069 9288740,

Europäische Schule RheinMain 
›› 61118 Bad Vilbel, Theodor-Heuss-Str. 65, Tel. 06101 505660,

Fintosch Multilingual Primary School   
A new multilingual primary school with a school concept that unites the International Primary Curriculum with the Hessian education and upbringing program. Classes are in English and German and the joy of learning plays a central role. With its motto “Fintosch feels like family,” the school aims to give pupils a child-friendly and caring environment while promoting multicultural harmony. The building also houses an international kindergarten and a nursery.
›› Westend-Süd, Schumannstr. 4-6, Tel. 069 77076911,

Frankfurt International School (FIS) – Campus Oberursel & Wiesbaden   
The FIS, founded in 1961, has more than 1,800 students from more than 60 countries, as well as nearly 300 faculty and staff from 25 nations, making it one of Europe’s oldest and largest international schools. The campus in Oberursel offers an English-language education for children age 3 to 18 following the curriculum of the International Baccalaureate Organisation including the IB Diploma Programme. At the campus in Wiesbaden, FIS operates a branch for children age 3 to grade 8.
›› FIS: 61440 Oberursel, An der Waldlust 15, Tel. 06171 20240
›› FIS Primary School: 61440 Oberursel, Alfred-Lechler-Str. 10, Tel. 06171 2024500
›› Wiesbaden Campus: 65207 Wiesbaden, Rudolf-Dietz-Str. 14, Tel. 06127 99400

Griechische Schule 
›› Griesheim, Linkstr. 25, Tel. 069 38010241

ibms – International Bilingual Montessori School  
Bilingual (German/English) full-day school based on the Montessori educational theory, with Nido-groups, Children’s House, Reception Class and Primary Class.
›› Westend-Süd, Senckenberganlage 20-22, Tel. 069 745646,

International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main (ISF)   
Kindergarten, primary and secondary school, with English as the main language. Around 850 students from 50 countries. Sports club, indoor pool and soccer field provide a special incentive for top performance in sports. Certificates: ISF High School Diploma, U.S. Advanced Placement Exams, International Baccalaureate Diploma.
›› Sindlingen, Straße zur Internationalen Schule 33, Tel. 069 3482970,

Japanische Internationale Schule Frankfurt  
State-approved supplementary school with teaching in Japanese according to the Japanese school system, German classes for ages six to 15. Full-time school with an open design.
›› Hausen, Langweidenstr. 8-12, Tel. 069 97671190,

Kids Camp Bilinguale Grundschule  
Primary school pupils are taught in two languages with half the classes in German and half in English. The school is also open to children without a bilingual background. Two teachers teach each class, with a maximum of 20 children. The state-specified curriculum is supplemented by additional subjects such as computer training, communications, literature and theatre. Full-day supervision is provided daily from 7.30 am to 5 pm – during the school term as well as in the holidays. A variety of workshops such as ballet, Kung Fu handball and pottery ensure an interesting program after lessons.
›› 61462 König­stein, Bischof-Kaller-Str. 1b, Tel. 06174 9987500,

King’s College Frankfurt   
The English-speaking King’s College Frankfurt offers a solid British education in an international environment. Located about 20 km from Frankfurt city center, the school is designed for about 600 students from the ages of two to 18. Currently it offers lessons to pupils aged between two and 13. Lessons are taught in accordance with the English curriculum, and the children learn from practice-oriented experience and not just from textbooks.
›› 61381 Friedrichsdorf, Hugenottenstr. 119, Tel. 06172 13710010,

Lycée Français Victor Hugo  
French school from primary school to the Baccalaureate or Abibac leaving certificate. Classes in German and French, with an emphasis on languages, over 1,000 pupils, full-day schooling.
›› Praunheim, Gontardstr. 11, Tel. 069 7474980,

Metropolitan School Frankfurt  
MSF is the only IB World School in the City of Frankfurt and the only international school in the region teaching the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum in Grades 6-10 in addition to the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) and IB-Diploma Programme. The school has more than 580 students from 55 countries from Kindergarten to Grade 12, and provides an excellent, primarily English-based education in addition to an extensive range of extra-curricular activities of sports, performing arts, and music.
›› Rödelheim, Eschborner Landstr. 134-142, Tel. 069 96864050,

Obermayr International School  
State-approved, bilingual (German/English) primary school and state-recognised bilingual secondary school. The school has a special focus on the consistent teaching of bilingualism and development of independent learning skills, as well instruction and education in the spirit of European integration. School is from 8 am to 3 pm followed by an extensive variety of after-school activities until 5 pm. Also offers nursery, bilingual kindergarten and bilingual pre-school.
›› 65824 Schwalbach am Taunus, Am weißen Stein, Tel. 06196 768590,

Phorms Schulen  
The bilingual primary school and bilingual academic high school give English and German equal weight in lessons. Phorms provides small class sizes, individual development, along with a varied afternoon and holiday programme.
›› Phorms Frankfurt City Campus, Fürstenbergerstr. 3-9, Tel. 069 17392550
›› Phorms Taunus Campus, 61449 Steinbach/Taunus, Waldstr. 91, Tel. 06171 2060270

Strothoff International School  
English-language all-day school with places for 600 students aged from three to 19. Teaching is based on the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) with the aim of passing the IB Diploma. The school buildings are equip­ped to the latest standards and have facilities such as libraries, media practice room and a gymnasium.
›› 63303 Dreieich, Rhein-Main Campus Dreieich, Frankfurter Str. 160-166, Tel. 06103 8022500,


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