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Sports, games & fun

kindwasserMore than 800 sports clubs in Cologne and over 250 in Bonn make choosing a suitable sport difficult for residents.
Aerobics, golf, climbing, yoga, or something different such as darts, football-tennis, underwater rugby or petanque are just a small sample of the sports that the two Rhine cities can offer. In addition, lots of fitness centers, private running groups and swimming pools keep Rhineland residents exercising.
For many, taking part in sport is not just about keeping fit and active – it offers a feeling of togetherness and a chance to meet like-minded People.

This is especially true for the many private sports groups whose purpose is not all about winning. Newcomers to Cologne and Bonn will not feel alone for long in these clubs.

Natural thrills in Cologne and Bonn

Koeln-Nationalpark-Eifel-Dahlem-Kronenburg160Nationalpark Eifel, Dahlem-Kronenburg

Cologne and the areas surrounding the Rhine offer a rich variety of attractions for weekend adventures.
They start with Cologne´s glorious public parks and gardens and extend into unknown territories outside the city´s borders.
A distinctive feature of Cologne is the city´s green belt, a recreational band on the site of the former defensive walls stretching around the beating heart of the city and some outer districts on both sides of the Rhine.

Meeting people

partypeopleYou´ve changed your job and moved without your friends.
Or you followed your true love and the dream didn´t come true.
However, it may happen that you suddenly feel alone in cities as Cologne and Bonn that, after all count over one million and over 300,000 inhabitants.
Who is new in the city asks one big question: How to meet other people...? The answer is quite easy: Ally with like-minded people.
In Cologne and Bonn, there are numerous international regular tables and community centers which support making friends.


New in Cologne or Bonn?

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