Koeln-Nationalpark-Eifel-Dahlem-Kronenburg160Nationalpark Eifel, Dahlem-Kronenburg

Cologne and the areas surrounding the Rhine offer a rich variety of attractions for weekend adventures.
They start with Cologne´s glorious public parks and gardens and extend into unknown territories outside the city´s borders.
A distinctive feature of Cologne is the city´s green belt, a recreational band on the site of the former defensive walls stretching around the beating heart of the city and some outer districts on both sides of the Rhine. The spacious green belt parks are perfect for skating, jogging or simply relaxing.
The Flora and Botanical Gardens and the Rheinpark are also great places for young and old to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Bonn residents seeking somewhere to relax don´t really need to leave the city.
The Rheinaue city park has lots of recreation areas and it covers 160 hectares – almost as bis as Bonn city center.
If you want to enjoy a swim in summer and at the same time be close to nature, the many lakes in the regions such as the Escher and Fühlinger lakes provide the perfect opportunity.

Soaking up the sun at one of the idyllic lake-side beaches, beach bars or enjoying the many different water sports are guaranteed to bring on a vacation feeling.