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From nursery to high school graduation

schule3New teachers, new schoolmates, new friends – when parents move, a different school or kindergarten is on the timetable for their children. If you are moving with children, then you have good reason to be happy about your new home because North Rhine-Westphalia has a good choice of all-day educational care, which is especially important for working parents.

International schools Cologne-Bonn

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Parents who are keen for their children to learn new languages or who have moved to Cologne-Bonn from outside Germany have the possibility to send their children to an international school in the area.
St. George´s School, the Bonn International School and the ISR Internationale Schule am Rhein in Neuss provide lessond in English with international leaving qualifications.
Cologne International School has a concept that´s unique in Germany.
After leaving the bilingual (German/English) primary school, pupils have a choice between the bilingual academic high (grammar) school or the English language international comprehensive school.
In addition the school also teaches Spanish starting at the ages 6/7.

Childcare in Cologne-Bonn

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Even the very young children can be cared for in a multi-language environment in an international kindergarten.
Cologne council´s child, youth and family department has an overview of all day-care centers for children arranged by city district on its Web site at
You can also download an application form to register at a council-run center on the Web site.


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