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Job hunting in Cologne-Bonn

Job agencies

Cologne job agency
The state-run Agentur für Arbeit (job agency) has four offices in Cologne offering extensive information and help on job hunting. If you enter your post code on the Home page, you’ll find which office covers your area.
›› Sülz, Luxemburger Str. 121 (Bezirke Süd & Mitte)
›› Mülheim, Genovevastr. 26-28 (Bezirk Mülheim)
›› Weidenpesch, Neusser Str. 450 (Bezirk Nord)
›› Porz, Glasstr. 35 (Bezirk Porz)
›› Tel. 0 18 01/55 51 11,

Federal employment office Bonn
›› Bonn-Duisdorf, Villemombler Str. 101
Tel. 0 18 01/55 51 11,

Jobs online
This Web site continually searches company Internet pages for job offers and publishes the results online. Fill in a detailed questionnaire according to employment field, region or job type and the latest jobs will appear on your computer screen.

1,300 occupation groups, 20,000 qualification criteria typical for certain occupations, 16,000 locations on file, plus lots of other criteria, e.g. career level, employment type, specific experience requirements, payment.

More than 250,000 job offers, worldwide search, plenty of advice and support, e.g. salary analyses, guidebook, further education.

Monster Worldwide Deutschland
Two comprehensive, concise career Web sites combined, more than 400,000 job offers per year that can be sorted by keywords, occupational fields/trade sectors, regions, companies, entry level positions and more.
Germany’s leading Internet site for skilled and leadership jobs.


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