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On your way to a great future

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After you´ve moved to Cologne or Bonn and adapted to your new geographical environment, the next step is to broaden your mind. There are lots of language schools available to new citizens from abroad that naturally also offer lessons in German as a foreign language.

If you understand German, there are also abundant further education possibilities open to the newcomers: libraries, high schools, academies and further education centers offer every conceivable opportunity to expand your knowledge.

Universities in Cologne and Bonn

In every big city like Cologne, there are state-run universities as well as private colleges.

The state-run Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln, for example is Germany´s only university for sports studies that offers Bachelor´s, Master´s and post-grad courses. Students can also study to become teachers.

Job hunting in Cologne-Bonn

Young_business_man_dreamstime_l_19193995There are numerous opportunities to find the right job because the Cologne-Bonn region benefits from its location in the heart of Europe and is part of the Continent´s biggest and most productive economic area. Cologne is the No. 1 trade fair center for 25 business sectors.

The region has an impressive mix of different sectors such as manufacturing, services and logistics, telecommunication, automotive and naturally the media. The region is home to well-known names such as Toyota, RTL, Bayer and Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Post in Bonn.

For job-seekers, the labor agencies are the first port of call, but part-time employment companies can also be a very good starting point.

Temping Cologne and Bonn

jobsuche2Working for a temp agency can be a useful alternative if you need to find a job quickly or if you don´t want to settle down in a permanent position

Temporary job agencies link companies who need workers with companies that have a short-term labour shortage.

You can earn enough money to live for a while working for a temp agency and also gain experience and learn new skills - thus boost-ing your chances on the job market.
Temping agencies are required by law to offer the same working conditions as other employers.

Education in Cologne and Bonn

bildung_biliothek_dt_1362266After you´ve moved to Cologne or Bonn and adapted to your new geographical environment, the next step is to broaden your mind.
Cologne´s and Bonn´s community education centers offer a wide range of courses.
In the creative, business & EDV as well as in the media sector there are also numerous courses to choose.
The Kölner Weiterbildungsmesse is exceptionally worth mentioning.
This fair, which takes place every September, has lots of information and advice.


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