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The best clubs in Cologne and Bonn at a glance

Szene_C_LiveMucishHall_119Live Music Hall

Clubs in Cologne

Alter Wartesaal
Alfred Biolek, a well-known German entertainer and television producer, fought to save this building, which dates from 1915, from being torn down. In the 1920s Cologne’s top people sipped champagne here. Today, the building is one of the city’s best clubs. Its monthly Depeche Mode party night is legendary. The magnificent rooms are used for other events such as markets, concerts and readings, so it’s worth checking the club’s events program.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Johannisstr. 11, Tel. 9 12 88 50,

This small club became infamous at the end of the 1970s. It still sparkles with a cozy, stylish atmosphere and has preserved the charm of its early days. The mainly student crowd enjoy a few beers and dance to disco pop, soul, drum’n’bass and hip-hop. It’s no place for die-hard techno fans.
›› Altstadt-Süd, Im Dau 17, Tel. 0 179/2 00 64 02,

The Artheater normally is home to a stage and café but it turns into a hot spot for party-goers every Saturday and some Fridays. There are changing party nights, which means the sounds change regularly, but the club is best known for its great electro music.
›› Ehrenfeld, Ehrenfeldgürtel 127, Tel. 5 50 33 44,

Blue Shell
Instead of taking it easy after passing its 30th birthday, this cult pub had a face-lift and suddenly became a club, with DJs mixing changing sounds from Wednesdays to Saturdays and enriching Cologne’s nightlife scene. Just as before, the club is still a good venue for live music.
›› Neustadt-Süd, Luxemburger Str. 32, Tel. 23 12 48,

Without doubt one of Cologne’s most trendy clubs, located right under the Zoobrücke. Top DJs from the electro scene come and go here – Tom Novy, Felix Da Housecat and DJ Hell have already brought the place to fever pitch.
›› Mülheim, Auenweg 173, Tel. 9 22 60 88,

Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld
Cologne’s newest live events club has set up camp in the heart of Ehrenfeld, directly under the train station of the same name. Besides a varied program of concerts and cultural shows in the large hall, clubbers can party away during weekly events in the somewhat smaller night club.
›› Ehrenfeld, Schönsteinstr. 1a, Tel. 53 09 88 80,

Cologne’s party-goers chose this club’s sparkling name when they were asked to come up with a suitable monicker for the new venue just before its opening at the end of 2009. A modern, stylish backdrop with coordinated colors make the Crystal a real eye-catcher.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Hohenzollernring 79-83, Tel. 0 178/8 18 67 49,

Das Ding
If you plan a night out in Cologne’s oldest student club, you better be able to handle your drink – prices start at 50 cents. The crowd is young and up for partying. Nobody comes here just to see and be seen.
›› Neustadt-Süd, Hohenstaufenring 30-32, Tel. 92 56 77,

Déjà Vu
Cosmopolitan DJ nights in an unusually stylish setting combined with live international acts create excessive party fun and lots of chances to flirt.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Im Media Park 4, Tel. 16 86 29 70,

Diamonds is to Cologne what P1 is to Munich – probably the city’s most exclusive nightclub. Even Germany’s self-proclaimed party king Michael Ammer is seen regularly in the VIP lounge. The chic crowd dances to House, R&B and is best observed from the gallery. Note – the dress code is strict, you won’t get past the fussy bouncers wearing sneakers. In 2009, Diamonds was named Germany’s best disco, much to the displeasure of P1 owner Micheal Käfer. 
›› Neustadt-Nord, Hohenzollernring 90, Tel. 0 163/8 21 67 37,

Die Halle Tor2
A big hall disco in the western suburb of Vogelsang with live music in the bistro and a large beer garden. You´ll find a youngish crowd that parties to chart hits and House.
›› Vogelsang, Girlitzweg 30, Tel. 9 49 89 70,

Die Kantine
Legendary over 30s big bang parties avoid generation conflicts. For older revellers there’s an over 50s night.
›› Niehl, Neusser Landstr. 2, Tel. 1 67 91 61 60,

Unique concert and event venue in a heritage-protected former power station with 19th century architecture.
›› Mülheim, Schanzenstr. 36, Tel. 9 67 90,

Essigfabrik & Elektroküche
Since 2009 the Essigfabrik (vinegar factory) and Electroküche (electric kitchen) have been overheating regularly to live rock nights and over-the-top techno parties.
›› Deutz, Siegburgerstr. 110, Tel. 9 97 42 72,,

Flamingo Royal
Party nights in an upscale setting in two former sales rooms in the Friesenviertel. Between dancing and flirting, you can crash on the velvety chairs or try the cocktail lounge.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Friesenwall 90, Tel. 27 79 96 66,

Gebäude 9
Indie, rock and alternative live music in a suitably run down atmosphere of a former factory hall.
›› Deutz-Mülheimer Str. 127-129, Tel. 58 91 94 14,

Gloria Theater
This former cinema for movie premieres is mainly known as a venue for shows and concerts, but the concert hall becomes a nightclub at weekends. Cologne people like it and the mix of modern music in a 1950s-style atmosphere is the ideal backdrop for chilled parties.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Apostelnstr. 11, Tel. 66 06 30,

There’s always something happening at Herbrand’s, whether it’s at one of the many party nights, in the beer garden or in the bistro.  
›› Ehrenfeld, Herbrandstr. 21, Tel. 9 54 16 26,

Juby Q
There’s plenty of room to celebrate here with three party areas and an outer lounge, all covering 2,100 sq m. Each area has its own musical leaning, so there should be something for nearly everyone, from soul to pop. This dance palace is not very conveniently located at the western edge of the city, but luckily there’s a shuttle bus that saves on expensive taxi fares. Open every Friday and Saturday, as well as on evenings before certain public holidays.
›› 50226 Frechen, Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 7-9, Tel. 56 98 10,

Wild party atmosphere on two floors with German pop hits and party sounds.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Hohenzollernring 39-41, Tel. 2 22 51 10,

Live Music Hall
Trendy concert venue, especially for rock music fans. Bands including Korn, Lostprophets and Slayer have performed here. Heavy rock and free beer have made the legendary Saturday Rockgarden parties a firm part of Cologne’s heavy metal scene, while Fridays have a more nostalgic air with an 80s and 90s party.
›› Ehrenfeld, Lichtstr. 30, Tel. 95 42 99 10,

There are several live performances a week in this well-established Cologne venue. Club nights at the weekend have changing rock, pop, indie, electro and house sounds .
›› Neustadt-Süd, Luxemburger Str. 40, Tel. 92 44 60,

This small basement disco regularly attracts fans of hard sounds thanks to its full events calendar. Recommended for fans of indie, rock, progressive and punk music.
›› Neustadt-Süd, Zülpicher Str. 10, Tel. 2 40 41 88,

Muschi Club Gallery
The much-loved program of themed party nights has finally found a permanent new home in the renovated interior of the former Neuschwanstein. The Friday Gay Club kicks of the weekend, on Saturday the House Geflüster, Muschi Club and other party nights take turns.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Mittelstr. 12-14,

From Friday to Sunday, a mainly young crowd dance away the night on the overflowing dance floor. The crowd is older for the Sechs-vor-6 after work party on Tuesdays. Changing theme and party nights ensure that this remains one of the city’s most popular clubs.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Hohenzollernring 89-93, Tel. 5 10 22 29,

This venue has an unusual backdrop for a big hall disco. The dimly-lit interior looks like a Medieval banqueting hall. The diverse music from dance to German pop hits attracts a youngish crowd.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Gladbacher Wall 5, Tel. 1 20 63 77,

Odonien is known as the little town of the artist Odo Rumpf and the semi-roofed area which he uses as a studio divides opinion. For some it’s an oasis of culture, for others it’s a muddy mess. What’s certain is that during the summer unusual parties, concerts, movie screenings and even festivals are held here, attracting party animals, the curious and Odo fans as well as all kinds of crazy types. All Cologne residents should dare a visit to this area between railway lines and brothels at least once.
›› Neuehrenfeld, Hornstr. 85,

Päff was founded in the 1970s as an avant-garde jazz club and is still a good place for people who hanker for something different. The furnishings with round shapes and a lot of orange are reminiscent of the early days. Päffgen beer is served and the music covers everything from soul and funk, indie and 1960s pop to hip hop and is always non mainstream.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Friesenwall 130, Tel. 12 10 60, Büro: Tel. 1 39 18 35,

Petit Prince
This small basement club is a secret tip for dedicated fans of Latin American rhythms. The DJs play reggae, dance hall, salsa and hip hop and get everybody up on the dance floor. If the popular local band Pow Pow Movement appear the place reaches fever pitch.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Hohenzollernring 90, Tel. 12 25 20,

The pillars, rounded arches and brick walls are reminders of the time this was a brewery cellar. The music leans toward the mainstream. Every first Saturday in the month there is a popular German pop party night. The crowd is a lively mix. There’s a gallery lounge with space for 20 guests that can be hired.
›› Neustadt-Süd, Roonstr. 33, Tel. 2 40 37 19,

Rose Club
A trendy location that offers a good alternative to the city’s house and electro clubs. The excellent music mix ranges between Brit pop, garage and Noise rock, which hardly lets the mainly young crowd pause for breath. The week starts here with the Tuesday wake up party.
›› Neustadt-Süd, Luxemburger Str. 37, Tel. 2 40 82 66,

Sonic Ballroom
A bar, club and live venue in one! In this small venue, there are regular punk rock and hardcore nights. Prices are reasonable and the crowd is mixed. All kinds meet here, from punks with Mohican haircuts to media industry workers.
›› Ehrenfeld, Oskar-Jäger-Str.190, Tel. 16 91 88 94,

Stadtgarten & Studio 672
Cologne clubbers party here at weekends to unusual and uncommon club music from the Balkans. There are two areas with DJs to choose from – the concert room and Studio 672, which has music playing at the same time.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Venloer Str. 40, Tel. 9 52 99 40,

Starz Cologne
If you get past the bouncers, you’ll find a dazzling atmosphere, funky house music and three drinks bars.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Hohenzollernring 89-93, Tel. 0 178/3 56 24 92,

Stereo Wonderland
If you like the alternative scene and live music and are not especially claustrophobic, then Stereo Wonderland is the right place for you. You can chill out wonderfully to local bands in a living room atmosphere with a glass of Kölsch beer.
›› Neustadt-Süd, Trierer Str. 65, Tel. 0 172/­282 62 81,

The right place from Thursdays to Saturdays for all those who appreciate good music, whether it’s old school hip hop, new wave or electro with the right amount of funk. The monthly Monday Bloody Monday concerts attract many Cologne people even on the worst day of the week.
›› Neustadt-Süd, Aachener Str. 82-84, Tel. 51 79 69,

Triple A
An exclusive atmosphere and popular DJs make this one of the trendiest clubs in the city, attracting a mixed but always stylish crowd from Wednesdays to Saturdays. On Wednesdays there are student nights and after work parties. On Saturdays the city’s divas lounge on the leather chairs sipping champagne. The Funky Chicken Club on Fridays is known well beyond Cologne.
›› Altstadt-Süd, An d′r Hahnepooz 8, Tel. 0 172/2 90 06 66,

Tsunami Club
A plain but cozy basement club that continually brings something fresh into Cologne’s nightlife. You can enjoy one-off parties and see new bands here before anyone else, all in a living room atmosphere. The music includes everything from indie to Brit pop.
›› Altstadt-Süd, Im Ferkulum 9, Tel. 8 01 63 34,

This two-floor party and concert venue is very popular despite its location in Cologne’s south away from the nightlife area. On the first Friday of each month the DJs dig old pearls from their record cases for the Trash pop party. Otherwise mostly indie and Brit pop is played.
›› Ehrenfeld, Grüner Weg 1b, Tel. 3 56 39 15,

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Clubs in Bonn

Carpe Noctem
A true classic of Bonn’s night club scene. A young crowd fills the small dance floor or enjoys a drink at the city’s longest bar from Mondays to Saturdays (except Wednesdays) The music rocks and is great for partying.
›› Zentrum, Wesselstr. 5, Tel. 0 228/65 79 71,

Fahrenheit Club
Bonn has a new extra-special party palace with the Fahrenheit Club. In this super-stylish venue, the 700-watt sound system and 14 high-end projectors create the right atmosphere. The music is mainly house and electro, played by national and international DJs.
›› Beuel, Königswinterer Str. 99, Tel. 0 228/18 44 61 51,

Jazz Galerie Bonn
Jazz music hasn’t been heard here for a long time. Instead the crowd dances to rock, party and disco hits. Over 30s night on Thursdays.
›› Zentrum, Oxfordstr. 24, Tel. 0 228/63 93 24,

Konsum Club
Here you’re in the right place as a consumer. Entry to the small but stylish club is free and the moderate prices are easy on the pockets of student clubbers.
›› Zentrum, Kasernenstr. 28, Tel. 0 228/2 27 35 97,

This relatively small basement club decorated in red and orange offers Bonn’s clubbers a place to party during the week. From Wednesdays to Saturdays the music is mainstream. Sundays is traditionally the night for heavy metal and Goth fans.
›› Zentrum, Bornheimer Str. 20-22, Tel. 0 228/9 63 83 08,

Clubbing in a theater? Why not, the dance nights in the cabaret stage are legendary. Information about the program can be found on the Internet home page. 
›› Zentrum, Bundeskanzlerplatz 2-10, Tel. 0 228/21 25 21,

This place in the former Tiefenrausch has made the walls vibrate for the last two years. Fans of house, R’n’B and hip hop will feel at home in the Schwarzlicht.
›› Zentrum, Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz 25, Tel. 0 228/2 27 35 97,

Tiefenrausch 2010
This disco is one of the city’s most popular party venues even after moving across the road. Two music areas, chandeliers and nice lounge furniture create the right atmosphere for the party-crazy crowd to dance until the morning light.
›› Zentrum, Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz 12,

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Jazz in Cologne

Ein Streckstrump
Germany’s oldest jazz cellar with a live program that changes every night and an authentic atmosphere.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Buttermarkt 37, Tel. 257 79 31,

This cult club has been delighting its demanding regulars with jazz and blue gems since 1968. Concerts are held only rarely, but are always quickly filled to overflowing. A must for all jazz fans.
›› Altstadt-Süd, Weyerstr. 59, Tel. 21 34 65

Stadtgarten & Studio 672
This venue on the edge of the city park with a restaurant and beer garden is always entertaining with over 400 events a year. Focus is on jazz but it also has the latest music and contemporary literature and debating evenings.
›› Neu­stadt-Nord, Venloer Str. 40, Tel. 95 29 94-0,

Villa Ignis
Live jazz in a lovely art deco mansion every Sunday afternoon, followed by a jam session.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Elsa-Brändström-Str. 6, Tel. 72 51 05,

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Jazz in Bonn

Venue that is popular and well-known beyond Bonn with a bar and beer garden. In the Harmonie hall hundreds of listeners enjoy the regular jazz, blues and rock concerts.
›› Endenich, Frongasse 28-30, Tel. 0 228/61 40 42,

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