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Trendy address for Berlin’s avant-garde fashions. Designer Andrea Vrajitoru creates attractive dresses, trousers, tops and scarves that flatter the feminine form with their casual, elegant and flowing styles. The main colors are all kinds of gray tones as well as black, blue and some pastel hues. Perfecting the look are many pretty accessories such as bags, belts and extravagant chains.
›› Mitte, Weinmeisterstr. 12-14, Tel. 28 87 34 34,

Designer Claudia Kleinert has already received countless architectural prizes solely for the interior decoration of her lingerie store. But what’s sold inside is really a hit: the finest night wear, dressing gowns, accessories by Blush, but also by La Perla, Princesse Tam Tam, Cavalli and many others invite you into a dreamland. Not to be forgotten: the trendy Blush sleeping mask.
›› Mitte, Rosa-Luxemburgstr. 22, Tel. 28 09 35 80,

In boutiques in Tokyo, Milan and New York, collections by Doreen Schulz and Clara Leskovaras sell like hotcakes: asymmetric cuts, broad patterns, shrill colors and sporty designs make each of their designs an eye-catcher.
›› Kontakt: Lichtenberg, Sewanstr. 122, Tel. 42 10 54 79
›› Shop: Mitte, Kastanienallee 55

Chapati Design
Iranian Hamid Mohammidi wants to earn his chapati, or his daily bread, though his unusual designs. There are three lines of the comfortable woollen clothes with large hoods – the classic Chapati Design, the elegant, sporty Alltag Berlin label and the Saphira Night collection, which has a Goth-Romantic look.
›› Friedrichshain, Wühlischstr. 33a, Tel. 29 04 40 23 & Simon-Dach-Str. 38, Tel. 27 57 45 17
›› Kreuzberg, Bergmannstr. 99, Tel. 69 51 52 68
›› Kreuzberg, Zossener Str. 37, Tel. 69 56 44 23
›› Prenzlauer Berg, Stargarder Str. 2, Tel. 4 47 65 07
›› Kreuzberg, Oranienstr. 22
›› Prenzlauer Berg, Schönhauser Allee 86, Tel. 69 56 44 23

Claudia Skoda
In the 1970s, style icons such as Iggy Pop and David Bowie sat in the first row when Claudia Skoda issued invitations to one of her spectacular fashion shows. Right up to the present, the world-famous avant-garde knitwear specialist has remained true to her style: skin-tight, stylish knitted fashion of the finest sort, classy materials and elaborately designed sweaters and jackets. Incidentally, her shop is one of the best in the city.
›› Mitte, Alte Schönhauser Str. 35, Tel. 2 80 72 11,

This shop carries the torch for East Berlin. Urban fashion by designers from Berlin, famous for their T-shirts and sweatshirts, imprinted with the label by hand. Every piece is unique. Accessories, e.g. caps, pillows, belts, bags and jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, rings and pendants, all decorated with the Eastberlin logo.
›› Mitte, Alte Schönhauser Str. 33-34, Tel. 24 72 39-88, -89,

Evelin Brandt
Berlin fashion designer Evelin Brandt has skillfully combined the elegance of simplicity with the charm of rebellion in her fashion. She presents her current collections in four centrally located stores – to the joy of many women in Berlin.
›› Charlottenburg, Savignyplatz 6, Tel. 3 13 80 80
›› Friedrichshain, (Outlet), Frankfurter Allee 69, Tel. 42 01 19 79
›› Mitte, Friedrichstr. 153a, Tel. 2 04 44 44
›› Steglitz, Schloßstr. 101, Tel. 7 93 06 13

Firma customers love clear, minimalist lines without much embellishment but still with a sexy look. Fashionable Berlin men and women find classic business wear here, plus a whole range of style possibilities such as a little something in black combined with long leather gloves.
›› Mitte, Mulackstr. 1, Tel. 40 05 40 47,

Fiona Bennett
Extravagant, handmade hats, eaach one is unique.
›› Mitte, Alte Schönhauser Str. 35, Tel. 28 09 63 30,

Flagship Store
Capital fashion galore: great selection of clothes and accessories by 30 Berlin designer labels, including the house collection Hazelnut.
›› Prenzlauer Berg, Oderberger Str. 53, Tel. 43 73 53 27,

Hut up
Christine Birkle’s felt designs are made according to traditional hat maker methods. The Berlin native also creates extravagant designer clothes, carpets, fashion accessories and wallpaper. Birkle’s designs are also popular outside the city limits – even trendy people in Paris and New York are now wearing Berlin felt.
›› Mitte, Heckmannhöfe, Oranienburgerstr. 32, Tel. 28 38 61 05,

Kaviar Gauche
Alexandra Fischer-Roehler and Johanna Kühl, both graduates of the Esmod fashion school, came up with their idea for a label that perfectly combines bags and clothes in 2003. Their designs are ingeniously tailored, crazy and elegant at the same time, and the materials are light and transparent. Online shopping also possible.
››  Flagshipstore: Mitte, Linienstr. 44, Tel. 28 87 35 62
›› Studio: Mitte, Torstr. 56, Tel. 44045430

This company stands for wearable, elegant fashion and the finest materials. In addition to their own Schultze und Lotz label, Ettina Schultze and Sonja Lotz provide a platform for many other young designers from Berlin (e.g. c.neeon, Ka­viar Gauche) in their shop.
›› Mitte, Kleine Hamburger Str. 15, Tel. 28 09 78 39,

Lala Berlin
Leyla Piedayesh was once a presenter for a major music TV station. Since 2003, she has preferred to wield knitting needles and design her own fashion collections and her label has brought her worldwide fame. She has a penchant for high-class materials such as silk, cashmere and delicate cotton. Limited specials and tailor-made orders also possible.
›› Mitte, Mulackstr. 7, Tel. 65 79 54 66,

Since completing their fashion studies at the Berlin FHTW, Anna Franke and Janine Weber dreamed of their own darling little boutique – and their dream came true in October 2007. The collections in their flagship store have style and charm, and are oriented to latest trends and individuality.
›› Mitte, Fehrbelliner Str. 24/Ecke Veteranenstr., Tel. 40 05 66 38,

Whether made from samples of unusual fruit and flower patterns or simple fabric strips, every one of these hand-made bags is unique. Bags can also be made according to personal color preferences.
›› Mitte, Torstr. 102, Tel. 24 63 08 67,

Mr. & Mrs. Peppers
A new name for a tried and tested concept. The colorful store with checkered floor tiles is a great place to rummage for 1960s-style and select second-hand clothes. Also has its own Peppers collection of designer clothes made in small quantities.
›› Prenzlauer Berg, Kastanienallee 91-92, Tel. 4 48 11 21,

Bernadette Penkov offers modern elegance and understatement in her first shop, which is located in Berlin-Mitte. Here, her roughly 100 sq m sales area displays trendy clothes made of jersey, cashmere and flowing chiffon with perfect cuts and clear colors for urban women.
›› Penkov & Lutz Store with Showroom, Kreuzberg, Luckenwalder Str. 4-6, Tel. 46 30 90 47,

Revanche de la femme
Tailor-made waist, breast or zipper corsets, combined with fashionable accessories such as dresses, boleros and shawls of the finest materials. Also tailor-made orders for any occasion.
›› Wilmersdorf, Kurfürstendamm 177, Tel. 88 70 88 75
›› Wilmersdorf, Uhlandstr. 50, Tel. 85 10 38 78

High-quality, innovative leather fashion by designer Daniel Rodan, from avant-garde to erotic. The Bee Gees and German singer Nena have bought clothes here.
›› Charlottenburg, Kurfürstendamm 73, Tel. 8 85 15 09,

A true Berlin vintage clothes outlet that originated in 2006 from the Friedrichs-hain scene. Offers clothing made of organic cotton that can be worn in the night club or office. Two collections of the label are presented each year. These are produced solely in Berlin. Also an online shop.
›› Contact: Friedrichshain, Libauer Str. 16, Tel. 29 04 39 87,
›› Stockists include Wertvoll: Marienburger Str. 39, Tel. 25 56 77 26,

The simple shapes and unusual combinations at Thatchers create a new cool look perfectly in tune with Berlin’s understated fashions. The designs include outfits for casual, office and going out wear and personify the style of cosmopolitan femininity.
›› Prenzlauer Berg, Kastanienallee 21, Tel. 24 62 77 51
›› Mitte, Hackesche Höfe, Rosenthaler Str. 40/41, Tel. 27 58 22 10

VAMPyr deluxe
This trendy Berlin store sells lush fashions. It has developed into a real pool of creativity for designers and fashion fans. Anyone who has created their own collection can display their work here.
›› Schöneberg, Goltzstr. 39, Tel. 2 17 20 38,

After Wolfgang Joop sold his share of the Joop enterprise, he started another successful venture offering elegant and extravagant women’s fashion under the Wunderkind label. He also offeres the Wunderkind women’s skincare label.
›› Mitte, Markgrafenstr. 42, Tel. 28 04 05 85
›› Wunderkind Vintage, Mitte, Tucholskystr. 36, Tel. 28 04 18 17

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Boutique St. Germaine
The well-known Berlin couture house offers exquisite women’s fashion by Italian designers. 352 sq m showroom, professional staff.
›› Mitte, Friedrichstr. 169-170, Tel. 2 61 72 50,

This small design studio is a real gem that shines with classy, sexy lingerie made under its Fishbelly label. Its delicate designs are a little wicked, a little frisky and true to the slogan: Less is more.
›› Neukölln, Friedelstr., Tel. 28 04 51 80,

Tatem New Women´s Wear
Women’s fashion for office and leisure, interesting mixture of various collections. You can enjoy a cappuccino while trying on your favorite designs.
›› Frohnau, Welfenallee 7, Tel. 40 10 32 09
›› Mitte, Oranienburger Str. 32, Tel. 27 59 60 10
›› Charlottenburg, Bleibtreustr. 12, Tel. 80 94 06 00
›› Prenz­lauer Berg, Stargarder Str. 78, Tel. 34 74 56 86

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Men & women

Adidas Originals Store  
300 sq m store, offering trendy Adidas leisure wear from retro look to cult design.
›› Mitte, Münzstr. 13-15, Tel. 27 59 43 81,

This outlets sells clothes produced from fair trade materials made without the use of damaging chemicals as well as the latest fashions from Emily The Strange, Meltin Pot, Blutsgeschwister and jeans of the popular Dutch eco brand Kuyichi.
›› Kreuzberg, Oranienstr. 32, Tel. 6 14 61 51

Designer Depot  
Designer Depot provides low-priced designer fashion for those for whom the upscale fashions of Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and so on are too expensive. Here, you’ll find sporty to elegant evening wear that’s 50 percent less expensive on average.
›› Mitte, Rochstr. 2, Tel. 28 04 67 00, 

Two stores in Berlin Mitte belonging to this successful label offer understated fashions. Chic, sporty men’s and women’s clothes are displayed in separate areas against a stylish white backdrop.
›› Mitte, Neue Schönhauser Str. 6 & Neue Schönhauser Str. 14, Tel. 28 04 56 66,

Filippa K
This Swedish label’s stores can be found throughout the world. Berlin’s branch is in the city’s fashion center. High-class jewelry of the best quality is displayed here stylishly on two floors. The whole store’s minimalist design is impressive with its clean lines and unobtrusiveness.
›› Mitte, Alte Schönhauser Str. 11, Tel. 2 404 87 78,

Gewandhaus Berlin
Made-to-measure suits with high-quality tailoring for women and men, made by master tailors. Shirts, suits, dresses and garments made to individual customer requirements, enormous selection of more than 7,000 high-quality Italian, English and German fabrics.
›› Charlottenburg, Goethestr. 73, Tel. 37 58 83 57,

Greta & Luis 
Greta & Luis is the place to find clothes that will make you stand out at the next party. The label’s five Berlin boutiques also offer great advice if you’re finding it tough to choose from among the chic clothes from Onitsuka Tiger, American Vintage, Liebeskind or Drykorn.
›› Mitte, Rosenthaler Str. 15, 25 76 26 35
›› Mitte, Alte Schönhauser 16, Tel. 27 58 20 90
›› Prenzlauer Berg, Kastanienallee 43, Tel. 40 50 47 56
›› Prenzlauer Berg, Wörther Str. 26, Tel. 44 04 42 98
›› Schöneberg, Akazienstr. 22, Tel. 78 95 33 96

Lacoste Store   
For many years, the little Lacoste crocodile has been decorating not only classic polo shirts in all colors imaginable – it also looks right on dresses, jackets, blouses, shoes and accessories. You can convince yourself of this in the store in downtown Berlin.
›› Mitte, Friedrichstr. 158-164, Tel. 20 05 88 86,

Lean Selling  
In this innovative shop, you can buy luxury fashion items from handbags to glamor outfits, just like buying food in a grocery store: self-service, simple presentation and no expensive packaging.
›› Charlottenburg, Schlüterstr. 42, Tel. 88 71 82 96,

You will see the light when you visit this multi-brand fashion specialty store: in addition to the extensive ranges of fashionable classics and high-fashion clothes for men and women, don’t miss the gallery of Magazzino crystal chandeliers, manufactured according to famous models.
›› Wilmersdorf, Güntzelstr. 21, Tel. 8 73 99 46,

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Germany’s first store from the youthful Marc by Marc line splashed out and moved into the upscale Basement of Quartier 206 in Berlin’s fashion heart. The complete line of the U.S. designer label for women, men and also children is stocked over 130 sq m.
›› Mitte, Friedrichstr. 71, Tel. 20 94 63 65,

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Ermenegildo Zegna
This Italian, family-owned company offers luxury fashion and accessories for men in 70 countries.
›› Charlottenburg, Kurfürstendamm 185, Tel. 88 71 90 90,

Hannes Roether  
Munich-based designer Hannes Roether sells classic, elegant men’s fashion and shoes by the Italian label MOMA in his Berlin concept store. A shopping visit here also becomes an art event – throughout the store, pictures by changing artists are on display to inspire you.
›› Wilmersdorf, Fasanenstr. 61, Tel. 51 73 61 12,

You don’t merely shop here, you cultivate a lifestyle. Bankers, marketers and freelancers comprise the upperclass clientele. The best tailors, shoemakers and the finest shirtmakers offer their wares.
›› Charlottenburg, Bleibtreustr. 33, Tel. 8 82 48 07,

Oversized gentlemen can find an extensive range of clothes in this 600 sq m store including fashions from head to foot, ranging from elegance to sportswear. Included in the service are large, comfortable fitting rooms and a tailoring service.
›› Mitte, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 11, Tel. 28 59 97 04,

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Young fashion

American Apparel
Fashion with a clear conscience: all products are made in the USA from certified eco-friendly cotton and sourced from companies where employees receive double the usual minimum wage. Single tone shirts, skirts, bikinis with no visible logos.
›› Mitte, Münzstr. 19, Tel. 28 09 63 18
›› Wilmersdorf, Bayreuther Str. 35, Tel. 23 60 74 56

The Swabian cult label Blutsgeschwister describes its look as “soul clothes for a sweet life.” So head to the two cute flagship stores, buy some unconventionally brash fashion and dive into Berlin’s night life!
›› Kreuzberganker: Kreuzberg, Kreuzbergstr. 31, Tel. 78 89 53 33
›› Mitte-Hütte: Mitte, Almstadtstr. 9-11, Tel. 23 45 73 73

Creme fresh
Women can find popular labels such as Fornarina, Gsus and Vagabond for reasonable prices here. But the lords of creation don’t have to twiddle their thumbs while waiting for their better halves – fashion for men is also available.
›› Prenzlauer Berg, Kastanienallee 21, Tel. 48 62 58 27

Glücklich am Park  
Sometimes happiness is easy to find... especially when shopping in this Berlin store with the tried-and-tested two-in-one principle – you can buy chic fashion, bags and shoes upstairs, and then relax downstairs on soft sofas and fortify yourself with homemade waffles and icecream.
›› Mitte, Kas­tanienallee 54, Tel. 41 72 56 51, www.kaufdichglü

See Jewelry and accessories.
›› Charlottenburg, Tauentzienstr. 13,,

When you enter the store, light-colored walls and wood floors immediately provide a certain feel-good factor. Moderate prices and a large range of products (Vagabond, Emily The Strange, Lollopard, Sweet Defeat) do the rest. Highlights include hand-made accessories such as cuffs, hair ornaments and armbands. Although the shop’s name mentions girls, boys can also find something to wear here.
›› Friedrichshain, Wühlischstr. 28, Tel. 97 00 27 80,

The Jeans  
Jeans forever! This store has an abundance of casual denim wear at reasonable prices. Besides classic jeans in different styles including Levi’s, Mustang and Lee, you’ll find matching shirts, pullovers, jackets, shoes and street wear accessories such as bags, rucksacks and belts. On top of that, the staff give good advice for free.
›› Kreuzberg, Mehringdamm 31, Tel. 692 95 25,

This stylish fashion label from Sweden has now established itself in Berlin with a giant store right on the classy Friedrichstraße. Displayed over two floors are the fashions of the inhouse label MTWTFSS and young designers such as Laura Mackness and Stine Goya.
›› Mitte, Friedrichstr. 140, Tel. 20 07 71,

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Hamburger Kinderstube
Since 1925, one of Germany’s oldest children’s fashion labels has been producing high-quality children’s cloth­ing in unique or low-volume designs, including classics such as the Hamburg coat created in the 1920s and tuxedos and sailors’ outfits.
›› Schöneberg, Motzstr. 59, Tel. 23 60 71 87,

Mother Shop  
Dissatisfied with existing baby and related fashion products, two mothers opened a “shop for those with a right to clothes.” Their offerings include trendy labels such as Noppies Baby, Feetje, Fransa, Bellybutton, Boob, Babyface and their own Mother label.
›› Prenz­lauer Berg, Hufelandstr. 30, Tel. 40 39 32 90,

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Jewelry & accessories

Have you lost sight of what’s what? Then it’s high time to get help from the Brillenwerkstatt (spectacle workshop): here, you can find a large selection of contact lenses and glasses – with brands such as Freudenhaus and Prada to Calvin Klein and Armani. You can donate your used glasses to charity.
›› Kreuzberg, Oranienstr. 32, Tel. 6 14 73 18
›› Mitte, Dircksenstr. 48, Tel. 28 09 67 40

Buckles & Belts  
Belts and buckles as far as the eye can see – the heart of any pants-wearer will jump for joy. Special service: leather belts are also made immediately; you can choose from among 80 high-quality belt models in four widths, as well as about 170 buckles.
›› Mitte, Alte Schönhauser Str. 14, Tel. 28 09 30 70,

Chic Choc  
Designers Monika Ruppel and Mike Schick have been designing internationally sought jewelry for over 20 years; the pair specializes in individual, unique creations.
›› Wilmersdorf, Holsteinische Str. 42, Tel. 8 73 81 11,

Extra Scharf  
You can get an “extra sharp” view of the world here through a range of designs from Bulgari and Cartier: feather-light rimless glasses, gold-rimmed glasses, natural horn-rimmed glasses. Tailor-made design, home visits upon request. Also specializes in high-performance night lenses.
›› Schöneberg, Maaßenstr. 8, Tel. 21 75 27 75,

Glamorous jew­elry, colorful designer sunglasses, the latest Fossil and Diesel watches, accessories by Kare and Mathmos.
›› Kreuzberg, Bergmannstr. 99, Tel. 6 91 27 44,

Jost Taschen  

If you’re searching for something special, you’ll be almost magically pulled into this flagship store: in a relaxed but luxurious ambiance, owner Diet­mar Jost presents his top class bags that are made of high-quality materials.
›› Mitte, Hackesche Höfe, Hof 2, Rosenthaler Str. 40/41, Tel. 23 45 78 95
›› Mitte, Alte Schönhauser Str. 35, Tel. 20 05 44 63

Two for one: The first German flagship store of the British high-street label Monsoon has just started to offer its trendy fashions, along with the label Accessorize, under one roof. In this 160 sq m dual-store, women shoppers can find the perfect outfit for every occasion – whether it’s work, leisure or a special occasion. The colorful world of Accessorize with its unusual bags, jewelry, scarves and hair accessories is inviting not just to browse, but it also spices up any style with special highlights.  
›› Charlottenburg, Tauentzienstr. 13,,

Panama Hutgalerie  
A touch of South America floats over the small gallery of Stefan Lochner, who creates not only Panama and cowboy hats, but also attractive headgear made of wool felt for men and women.
›› Kreuzberg, Wienerstr. 60, Tel. 60 05 64 55,

The pearl in Perlenbar’s crown is its own, trendy young jewelry collection. Besides this, there are gems of all colors, shapes and materials as well as accessories for making your own jewelry.
›› Wilmersdorf, Uhlandstr. 156, Tel. 8 81 64 96,

Salon – Hüte & Accessoires  
Hats designed by milliner Susanne Gäbel, including summer and winter hats, evening hats with feathers, as well as wedding hats and accessories.
›› Charlottenburg, Bleibtreustr. 40 (Entrance Mommsenstr.), Tel. 88 67 64 92 & NEW Mommsenstr. 2 (for men only),

If you’re fed up with the same, boring stuff, then the convertible, trendy bags from tausche bring a touch of variety into the everyday routine of the big city. The canvas and leather bags are special because they have changeable covers with over 100 different designs with varied motifs. All the bags are produced in high quality, look pretty and offer the perfect accessory for every taste and every occasion. This trendy young labels has two stores in Berlin, but tausche branches can also be found in Stuttgart, Cologne and even Tokyo.
›› Prenzlauer Berg, Raumerstr. 8, Tel. 40 30 17 70
›› Friedrichshain, Krossener Str. 19 (Boxhagener Platz), Tel. 3 47 111 50

Two stores for extraordinary pearl jewelry. Thousands of pearls, buttons, fabrics and all kinds of ribbons. Jewelry tools and accessories. Special offer: You can design and make your own jewelry at the workshop; various courses for designing jewelry are also on offer in the Kollwitzplatz store.
›› Prenzlauer Berg, Kollwitzstr. 72, Tel. 4 45 51 96
›› Mitte, Rosenthaler Str. 46/47, Tel. 2 83 67 70

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“High heels forever” is the motto of owner Rosemarie Mohamed, who has turned her hobby into a career. She provides not only the latest shoe trends for men and women, but also unusual “second-hand footwear” from the 1930s to the 1970s. Very popular with designers and film production companies.
›› Mitte, Rosenthalerstr. 23
›› Prenzlauer Berg, Oderbergerstr. 61, Tel. 28 54 54 15

This stylish Swiss lifestyle brand has brought a breath of fresh air into the Berlin fashion world with this clearly laid out and puristic stores. Items such as high-class high-heeled shoes or trendy boots and matching bags and accessories wait to be admired, tried on and, of course, purchased in the sales area covering more than 100 sq m.
›› Mitte, Friedrichstr. 81, Tel. 20 14 36 71
›› Charlottenburg, Kurfürstendamm 40/41, Tel. 88 62 48 29

Hübscher, kleiner Laden am Landwehrkanal, in den Regalen ausgewählte Damenschuhe auch unbekannterer Marken, extravagante Taschen & schicke Accessoires.
›› Kreuzberg, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44, Tel. 61 62 97 56,

Small, pretty shop on the banks of the Landwehrkanal, offering high-class footwear for ladies, including non famous brands, extravagant bags and classy accessories.
›› Trippen Flagship, Mitte, Hackesche Höfe, Rosenthaler Str. 40/41, Tel. 28 39 13 37
›› Trippen Gallery, Mitte, Alte Schönhauser Str. 45, Tel. 24 63 22 84
›› Trippen Family, Prenzlauer Berg, Knaackstr. 26, Tel. 40 50 03 92

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Large se­c­ondhand shops, new and used design­er fashions (not from private dealers); espec­ially at the branch on the Neue Schönhauser Straße, you can find vintage goods by Adidas, Burberry, Nike or Lacoste.
›› Colours: Kreuzberg, Bergmannstr. 102, Tel. 6 94 33 48
›› Garage: Schöneberg, Ahornstr. 2, Tel. 2 11 27 60
›› Made in Berlin: Mitte, Neue Schönhauser Str. 19, Tel. 21 23 06 01

ReSales – second hand & more  
High-quality secondhand fashion as far as the eye can see: in the eight Berlin branches of the largest chain of secondhand stores in Germany, dreams of fashion really do come true – and at very fair prices. The selection is huge, ranging from fashionable and trendy clothing for every day for him and her to children’s fashion, shoes & accessories to fancy evening wear. Of course, you can also find new things at unbeatable prices, according to the company motto “Something new every day”.
›› Branches:
›› Charlottenburg, Pestalozzistr. 82
›› Schöneberg, Potsdamer Str. 105
›› Spandau, Schönwalder Str. 39/40
›› Tiergarten, Turmstr. 72/73
›› Weissensee, Berliner Allee 105
›› Prenzlauer Berg, Prenzlauer Allee 170
›› Reinickendorf, Residenzstr. 32
›› NEW Prenzlauer Berg, Schönhauser Allee 127

First-class secondhand shop, with clothing from top designers such as Gucci, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana, for him and her.
›› Charlottenburg, Mommsenstr. 61, Tel. 8 81 22 91,

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Sport & outdoor

Adidas Performance Store
This stylish store abounds with the newest gear from the popular sports clothes brand, including shoes and everything that you need for a slick workout. Especially popular are the products from Adidas by Stella McCartney.
›› Charlottenburg, Tauentzienstr. 15, Tel. 23 63 19 44,

Adventurers can find here everything they need to survive in and explore the wilderness in this giant 4.600 sq m store, including clothes, rucksacks and a suitable canoe – which you can actually try out on the indoor canoe stream. 
›› Steglitz, Schlossstr. 78-82, Tel. 8 50 89 20,

Germany’s top golf equipment chain opened its first branch in Hamburg in 1980. Today golf and fashion enthusiasts can find the most modern golfing gear and styles for the perfect tee-off in 14 nationwide stores, including this one on Berlin. There are over 100 brands that can be found in the store, including Nike Golf, Ralph Lauren, US Kids Golf and Golfino with assuring sporty fashionable styles that will make you cut a good figure not just on the golf course.
›› 14532 Kleinmachnow, Europarc Dreilinden, Gebäude A2, Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 1d, Tel. 8 83 70 57,

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