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Szene_B_Cafe_am_UferCafe am Ufer

Berlin is many things – except boring. That’s equally valid for bars and clubs, both of which are constantly changing. Cozy corner pubs are found next to bizarre new trendy bars that either disappear as quickly as they open or become so ‘in’ that the bouncers won’t let you through the door next time you visit because the owners want to make their places a little bit more special to get one up on their rivals. Even the names of many bars, such as The Legend of Paula and Ben or Hüftengold (Golden Hips), are so creative and weird that you want to go in just to see what’s behind the name. But there are places that have remained a distinctive part of the club scene for years, such as the Paris Bar or the world-famous Tresor techno club.

Bars & Cafés in Berlin

Madonna_BarMadonna BlumencafeBlumencafe VolksbarVolksbar





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