Academy for International Education – the school with thrills, drive and flight…

AfIB LogoWe are the AfIB - the Berlin Academy for International Education with the Albert Einstein Technical Secondary School for Design (Media), Social Services and Business, and we are offering an integrated educational concept that is unique in Europe.

We are Europe’s first state-recognized, independently operated technical secondary school with its own flight school, the Leonardo da Vinci Flight Academy. If desired, our students can acquire a pilot’s license at a special price, parallel to the 2-year, general advanced technical college certificate (11th and 12th grades). We give our students wings!

Each of our students is at the center of our educational work. We teach in small classes, with block instruction and nearly without class cancellations!

Further education in Berlin: On your way to a great future

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After making the geographical move to Berlin, the next step is to widen your mental horizons. There are many language schools where new Berliners from abroad can learn German as a foreign language. Once you’ve overcome the language barrier, there are lots of further education possibilities open to German-speaking newcomers. Berlin’s libraries, high schools, academies and continuing education centers offer every conceivable opportunity to expand your knowledge.

VHS Berlin – Berlin’s community education centers

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One lifetime isn’t enough to benefit from the huge range of knowledge offered on the courses at Berlin’s community education centers.

More than 16,000 courses for adults and young people aged 15 and older are held every year in 12 centers (one for each city district).