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Berlin’s party zones

B_Szene_C_40-Seconds.610-16040 Seconds

Berlin’s nightlife is legendary, colorful and multifaceted. Some new clubs catch the spotlight of the world while others disappear just as quickly. Many places also offer young up-and-coming bands a stage for possible stardom. For exam­ple, the Berlin punk band “Die Ärzte” had its first gigs in the SO 36 club in Kreuzberg, which remains a popular party address to this day. The greatest club density can be found in the districts of Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. Things often get started here in the early evening at an after-work party, such as in the noble Adagio (Mitte) or in the loungelike Reingold (Mitte).

The hottest nightlife spots in Berlin

A-TraneA-Trane 40-Seconds40 Seconds Jesus_ClubJesus Club


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