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Press “grandma” in the “VBB jump” app for kids. Travel connections are child’s play


vbb jump app icon 1024pxChildren can easily get around Berlin on buses, trams and local trains with the “VBB jump” app for kids. It’s free to download and free of advertising. 

In the app, they can set individual destinations with their parents. Pictures and icons also help children who are learning to read. Real-time data reliably indicates delays.

The “jump” app offers support on several levels. The user guidance was developed with children for children. In contrast to the VBB app “Bus & Train” for adults, the kids app is clearer, more self-explanatory, less complicated and so much easier to use. Up to eight destinations can be saved on the “jump board” such as the addresses for grandparents, martial arts and dance lessons, football and music classes. When these are called up, navigation is automatically activated.

Children receive instructions that are immediately understandable, so that they can recognize and travel their way step by step using the most suitable means of transport. And with the help button, children can immediately get in touch with the pre-installed contacts.

More details at:

ABC of Berlin’s public transport

GZW 2 IMG 0060 800x600

If laid out in a single line, Berlin’s train and tram tracks would stretch from Berlin to the Zugspitze mountain in the Alps. When there’s no train or tram heading where they want to go, Berlin residents catch a bus or ferry.

Two companies operate the majority of Berlin’s public transportation services. The Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) is responsible for 10 underground trains, 22 tram lines, 154 bus lines and 6 ferries. The S-Bahn Berlin GmbH operates 16 commuter train services. Both companies – together with about 40 other transportation burg – are members of the Verkehrs­verbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) transportation network.

When you buy a ticket, it’s valid on all public transport services in the VBB network. The VBB network is divided into hexagon-shaped units of the same size. The city of Berlin and the surrounding region are organized into three tariff zones: Zone A covers the inner city, including the S-Bahn ring; Zone B goes to Berlin’s border and Zone C reaches another 15 km into the region, including Potsdam. You can buy tickets for the combined zones AB, BC or ABC, as needed. With an AB ticket, you can travel through­out Berlin for two hours (in one direction only).

You can find detailed information about tickets and prices at, plus

Public transport contacts

BVG – Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe

BVG Call Center  
Mo-So 7 bis 23 Uhr 
›› Tel. 030/19 449,

BVG customer service 
›› Mitte, Holzmarktstr. 15, Mo-Mi. 9.30-17.00/ Do 9.30-17.45/ Fr 9.30-14.00 
›› Mitte, U-Bhf. Alexanderplatz, Zwischendeck, Mo-Fr 6.30-21.30, Sa-So 10.00-18.00  
›› Spandau, U-Bhf. Rathaus Spandau,  Mo-Fr 6.30-20.30 
›› Köpenick, S-Bahnhof, Elcknerplatz 1, Mo-Fr 6.30-20.30, Sa 10.00-18.00  
›› Marzahn, Busbahnhof, Mo-Fr 6.30-20.30 
›› Tiergarten, U-Bhf. Zoologischer Garten, Mo-Fr 6.30-21.30, Sa-So 10.00-18.00  
›› Alt-Tegel, U-Bahnhof, Berliner Straße 1a, Mo-Fr 10.00-18.00  

BVG Abo-Service  
In all BVG customer centers. 

BVG lost property 
Friedrichshain, Rudolfstr. 1-8,  
Mo, Di, Fr 9.00-18.00, Do 9.00-20.00,  
Tel. 030/19 449

S-Bahn Berlin

S-Bahn call center
Tel. 030/297-433 33,

S-Bahn customer service
›› Customer service at S-Bahnhof Ostbahnhof, Friedrichshain, Koppenstr. 3, Mo-Fr 08.00-20.00, Sa & So 09.00-18.30
›› Customer centers with season ticket service at many S-Bahn stations.

Lost property  
42103 Wuppertal, Döppersberg 37,  
Hotline: 0 900/199 05 99

VBB – Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg

VBB call center 
Tel. 030/25 41 41 41, Mo-Fr 8.00-20.00, 
Sa-So 9.00-18.00, 

Public transport helpdesk.
›› Charlottenburg, Hardenbergplatz 2, 10. Etage, Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Fr 8.00-20.00, Sa & So 9.00-18.00

Buying tickets
Tickets can be bought at BVG and S-Bahn sales points, in travel shops and from ticket machines in subway and train stations as well as from many newspaper kiosks in Berlin. Tickets can also be bought in all the VBB customer centers. Smart phone users can also get key tickets on their phones. 

The most important VBB tickets

Smart phone tickets can also be bought via the VBB app.

Short trips

A short-trip ticket is valid for up to 3 stops on the S- or U-Bahn, or six stops on a bus or tram. You may only change services within the S- and U-Bahn network. Travel interruptions and return trips are not permitted. If you take the express bus, you must also count the stops where the bus does not stop. Short-trip tickets are not valid in regional trains. Reduced fares for children aged 6-14.

Standard fare Berlin1,90 €
4-trip-ticket Berlin 5,60 €

Single ticket  

Valid for one trip in one direction. Within the 2-hour validity period, you may change means of transport or interrupt your journey as often as you wish. Reduced fares for children aged 6-14.

Zone Berlin AB 2,90 €
4-trip-ticket Berlin AB 9,00 €

Day pass

Valid for an unlimited number of trips within the chosen zones. The day pass is valid on the day printed on the ticket or from time of validation until 3 am the following day. Up to three children aged 6 to 14 can accompany adult ticket holders free of charge.

Zone Berlin AB 8,60 €

7-day green card 

Valid from the first day if pre-validated or for seven consecutive days after validation. Validity ends on the 7th calendar day at midnight. Transferable ticket.

Zone Berlin AB 34,00 €

Monthly green card  

Valid for one calendar month or from the chosen day of validation. Ticket is transferable. Additionally, you can take along an adult and up to 3 children (aged 6-14) on Mondays to Fridays from 8 pm to 3 am the following day, as well as all day on Saturdays, Sundays, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and public holidays.

Zone Berlin AB 84,00 €
With subscription, annual debit:
Zone Berlin AB 728,00 €

Berlin WelcomeCard  

Official tourist ticket, valid for 48 or 72 hours, as well as 4, 5 or 6 days after validation; for one person and up to 3 children (6-14) and for unlimited rides in the zone Berlin AB (also available for zone Berlin ABC). Children under 6 travel free. Additionally ticket holders get up to 50% discount at over 200 Berlin attractions. Tickets are available at all BVG and S-Bahn sales points and online shops as well as at the Berlin Tourist Info Centres and at

Zone Berlin AB
Berlin WelcomeCard 48 hours 23,00 €
Berlin WelcomeCard 72 hours 33,00 €
Berlin WelcomeCard 4 days 40,00 €
Berlin WelcomeCard 5 days 46,00 €
Berlin WelcomeCard 6 days 49,00 €

Berlin central station – Europe’s crossroads

GZW 2 IMG 0060 800x600© NEW IN THE CITY

If you plan to take a long or short trip outside Berlin and don’t want to be behind the wheel of a car, then head for the city’s central train station, one of Europe’s biggest and most modern rail hubs. Every day, 300,000 travelers stream into the relatively new station, located where the Lehrter station stood until 2006. Every 90 seconds, they board trains heading in all directions.

The station is impressive because of its large capacity and also for its looks.

The station was designed by Meinhard von Gerkan and is spacious and flooded with light. A 321-m glass hall runs from east to west and is crossed in a north-south direction by the station concourse, which is 160 m long and 40 m wide.


›› Berlin central station

Berlin’s airports: Three become one

GZW 2 IMG 0060 800x600© Günter Wicker, Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH

After a record-breaking construction period of 14 years with delays caused by building scandals and costs going through the roof, the Berlin-Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport officially opened on October 31, 2020.

Up to 46 million passengers per year could be taking off and landing in the three terminals 1, 2 and 5 – if it wasn’t for the coronavirus. The pandemic means that flight operations will initially only take place in Terminals 1 and 5. Terminal 1 alone has capacity for up to 28 million passengers. Terminal 5 is the former Schoenefeld Airport. It’s located a short distance from the main airport complex and is connected to Terminal 1 by S-Bahn and bus.

Despite low passenger numbers in 2020, the airport is looking optimistically to the future. The construction of Terminals 3 and 4 is scheduled to be finished by 2035, increasing the airport’s capacity to up to 58 million passengers.

The best place to get a good overview of Berlin’s new airport and at the same time experience a little wanderlust is on the visitors' terrace in Terminal 1. A ticket can be booked online for € 3. Also in Terminal 1, it's worth looking up at the ceiling to admire the huge red flying carpet made of metal mesh. The Magic Carpet, which was created by Californian artist Pae White, is one of five works of art that can be discovered at the airport depicting the theme “air-land.”


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