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Berlin Story
Bookstore offering an unbeatable selection of books on Berlin, plus Berlin games, accessories, T-Shirts and East Germany-related souvenirs with professional advice (also in English).
›› Mitte, Mittelstr. 43, Tel. 20 45 38 42,

This bookstore specializes in literature on architecture, art, design, photography and film.
›› Charlottenburg, Stadtbahnbogen 593, Tel. 31 86 95 11
›› Tiergarten, Neue Nationalgalerie, Potsdamer Str. 50, Tel. 2 61 10 90
›› Charlottenburg, Stülerbau, Schlossstr. 1, Tel. 32 69 58 14

Dussmann das Kulturkaufhaus  
Well-known shopping center for all types of media on 5 levels, selling CDs, DVDs, videos, software, stationery, sheet music, books including Berlin’s biggest selection of English language books. There are also internet terminals and international newspapers and magazines. Reading glasses and CD players can be rented. Many readings and concerts are held here, open daily until midnight.
›› Mitte, Friedrichstr. 90, Tel. 20 25 11 11,

Grober Unfug  
International comic bookstore and comic gallery. Original manga editions, art books, comics from Japan, France, Italy, Spain, the UK and the U.S. in the original language. DVDs and Japanese Pop CDs. A true treasure trove.
›› Kreuzberg, Zossener Str. 33, Tel. 69 40 14 90
›› Mitte, Torstr. 75, Tel. 2 81 73 31

Krimibuchhandlung Miss Marple  
“Murderer hunt” is the slogan of this charming little store, which sells international crime books and spoken books in English, Spanish and French. It also gets particularly spine-chilling during the popular regular readings.
›› Charlottenburg, Weimarer Str. 17, Tel. 36 41 27 24,

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International bookstores

Another Country
Cozy second-hand bookstore for English literature. Books can be bought here, and also rented – you pay the price of the book as a deposit, but get it back if you decide to bring it back (minus a € 1.50 user fee).
›› Kreuzberg, Riemannstr. 7, Tel. 69 40 11 60,

Kurier der Zarin  

Russian and East European literature. Broad range of offerings, from novels to dictionaries to educational software, maps and posters.
›› Prenz­lauer Berg, Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Str. 4, Tel. 43 73 99 65,

Storytime Books & Café  

The owners have dedicated themselves to German and English children’s and young adult literature. In addition, various events such as German or English reading hours, song hours or English courses are offered here daily. Tip: you can also have children’s birthday parties here.
›› Friedenau, Schmargendorfer Str. 36/37, Tel. 85 96 70 04,

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Ach Berlin
Everyone who is hopelessly in love with Berlin, as well as homesick Berlin lovers living in exile can find a lot to look at here. How about cookie cutters in the shape of the Brandenburg Gate? Or perhaps the “Berlin ick liebe Dir” body oil, which caresses your skin with the typically Berlin scent of lindens in summer? Whatever you decide on, all the products represent the capital city’s very personal touch.
›› Mitte, Markgrafenstr. 39, Tel. 92 12 68 80,

Ampelmann Shops  
Red or green – the little man that was displayed on streetlights in East Germany has long acquired cult status and is available on T-shirts, cups and even doormats at this store. Four shops in Berlin carry the complete line of the Ampelmann-Kollektion by Ampelmann GmbH; also a special Ampelmann restaurant.
›› Mitte, Hackesche Höfe, Hof 5, Rosenthaler Str. 40-41, Tel. 44 72 64 38
›› Mitte (im Dom Aquarée), Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 5, Tel. 27 58 32 38
›› Mitte, Markgrafenstr. 37, Tel. 40 03 90 95
›› Tiergarten (Potsdamer Platz Arkaden), Alte Potsdamer Str. 7, Tel. 25 92 56 91

Mondos Arts  
When you enter this store, you’re taken back to the time before German reunification. You’ll find everything from former communist East Germany, including plush dolls, videos, books, East German beer, cucumbers from the Spreewald, chocolate decorated with East German money, T-shirts and other products with the picture of the little man that was once displayed on East German pedestrian lights. A cult site.
›› Friedrichshain, Schreinerstr. 6, Tel. 42 01 07 78,

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Useful things

C. Adolph Eisenwaren
Old-fashioned store specializing in hardware and house­hold goods. Established more than 100 years ago and still furnished with its original turn-of-the-century interior. Here you can find the right nut for any bolt, all sold separately.
›› Charlottenburg, Savignyplatz 3, Tel. 3 13 80 44

Frau Tulpe  
Mrs (Frau) Tulpe’s store is a real find for people who love to use a needle, thread or sewing machine. Besides practical items such as buttons, hook and eye fasteners, beads and sequins, there’s a wide selection of fun materials with memorable names such as tiger turquoise, candied lemon or princess pink. You can learn how to use them creatively on one of the many sewing courses. There’s also a wide range of accessories and gift ideas such as eye masks, corsages and umbrellas.
›› Mitte, Veteranenstr. 19, Tel. 44 32 78 65,

Paul Knopf 
Unique specialty store dedicated to buttons. More than 1.5 million buttons in all shapes and colors, ranging from suit to vest buttons, a wide selection of standard buttons, historical buttons from the old days, new buttons designed in-house and accessories.  
›› Kreuzberg, Zossener Str. 10, Tel. 6 92 12 12,

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Delicatessens & wine

In this store, still known among long-established Berlin citizens by the name Butter Lindner, you can buy a whole liter of tub butter or Danish yogurt. Also very popular are the Lindner red fruit pudding, the well-filled Maultaschen pasta pockets, the home made crusted bread and much more. If you wish, the delicacies can also be supplied by their catering or gift service.
›› More than 30 branches in Berlin, e.g. in
›› Charlottenburg, Knesebeckstr. 92, Tel. 3 13 53 75
›› Mitte, Rosenthaler Str. 33, Tel. 24 78 15 07
›› Schöneberg, Grunewaldstr. 57, Tel. 7 81 35 72

When you see the many delicious delicacies, such as homemade vegetarian pastas, olives, seafood salads and fresh breads, your mouth will start to water and you’ll probably want to taste everything. You can actually do this in the bistro of the same name on the opposite side of Bergmannstraße. They also have delicious cakes and warm snacks here.
›› Kreuzberg, Bergmannstr. 98, Tel. 6 94 58 07,

Marheineke Markthalle  
Extensive renovation work in November 2007 restored the Kreuzberg Markthalle indoor market to its former glory. Here 53 merchants, caterers and service providers offer fresh, regional organic products.
›› Kreuzberg, Marheinekeplatz,

Mitte Meer  
Welcome to your vacation! This Mediterranean supermarket, now with three branches in Berlin, offers a gigantic selection of food including fresh fish and seafood, wine and other delicacies such as a legendary sorbet from Alicante, which shouldn’t be missed.
›› Charlottenburg, Kantstr. 42, Tel. 3 15 17 26
›› Mitte, Invalidenstr. 50/51, Tel. 3 98 01 63
›› Prenzlauer Berg, Gotlandstr. 6-10, Tel. 44 67 49 90

Paasburg’s Wein Aus Leidenschaft  
A paradise for wine lovers. This 350 sq m store houses over 600 first-class wines and quality spirits from the best growing areas in Europe and beyond. For all those who want to know more about wine, there are regular wine seminars and tasting evenings that offer informative and enjoyable time.
›› Kreuzberg, Fidicinstr. 3, Tel. 61 10 18 38,

Weiss Blau  
Bavaria comes to Berlin here – at least in culinary terms. In Boris Priebe’s original shop, you can stock up on lots of delicious Bavarian delicacies to eat at home, such as fresh veal sausage and sweet mustard, delicious fruit brandies and of course good beer.
›› Charlottenburg, Knobelsdorffstr. 37, Tel. 36 41 01 63,

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This toffee shop promises that its confectionery will melt on your tongue just like the sweets you remember from childhood. The sweets are made according to handed-down traditional recipes. In the show kitchen you can watch the toffees being made. On sale are raspberry bonbons, fennel sticks and the famous Berlin Waldmeisterblätter (woodruff leaves), among others.
›› Mitte, Oranienburger Str. 32 (Heckmannhöfe), Tel. 44 05 52 43,

Kadó – Authentic Flavours  
You either love or hate licorice. This is the right place for those who can’t get enough of the stuff. About 400 kinds of licorice, ranging from naturally bitter to ammonium chloride-like, light & sweet to heavy salted. If your companion doesn’t like licorice, there are caramel and peppermint drops and lots of other sweets.
›› Kreuzberg, Graefestr. 20, Tel. 69 04 16 38,

Ritter Sport Bunte Schokowelt  
This is Berlin city center’s chocolate paradise. Over 1,000 sq m, visitors get a glimpse into the world of the German chocolate brand Ritter Sport and can also create their own bars, for example with nuts, chilli or peppermint. The restaurant offers unusual chocolate specialties such as Swabian chocolate noodles.
›› Mitte, Französische Str. 24, Tel. 2 00 95 08 30,

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