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Where to go out

Szene_B_Cafe_am_UferCafe am Ufer

Berlin has a very extensive bar scene. Throughout the entire city, there are innumerable beautiful, bizarre and trendy bars and cafés. And this is contantly changing. New bars come and go, while the inventiveness of Berliners has no bounds. Even the names of many bars are so creative and weird that you want to stop by just to see what is behind the name. And the trick works. For example, the “Zu mir oder zu Dir“ (Your place or mine?) and the “Sowohlalsauch“ (Boththisandthat) have gotten good reputations based on their good names. One of the most popular bars of this kind is the table-tennis bar “Dr. Pong“ in Prenzlauer Berg, where you can enjoy the evening with a beer in one hand and a paddle in the other. Usually, several bars are grouped together in specific bar quarters or, as Berliners say, in their “Kiez”. Since Berliners are easygoing creatures by nature, they actually go out only in their own Kiez. Therefore, each Kiez has its own attractions and its own crowd. In Mitte, Tiergarten and Charlottenburg – the tourist center of the city – there are mainly chic cocktail lounges and bar/restaurants such as the Paris Bar. Tourists, celebrities and the well-heeled enjoy getting together in the “Hackesche Höfe” in Oranienburger Straße (Mitte) or on Savigny-Platz in Charlottenburg.

You can find precisely the opposite in Kreuzberg. Here, a young, alternative clientele gets together around  Oranienstraße, in which the legendary SO36 Club is located. Somewhat more mature, but no less colorful, are the people in Bergmanstraße. It can be guaranteed that there is something for everyone in the more and more popular Simon-Dach-Straße, in the alternative part of town called Friedrichshain. Last, but not least, is Prenzlauer Berg: around the Kollwitz-Platz and the Kastanienallee, a true pub eldorado can be found in which mainly students feel at home. The best idea would be if you just try each area out. But don't forget: In case of doubt, just follow the name.

wrgeengel.jpg Würgeengel, Kreuzberg 
barnou.jpgBar Nou, Kreuzberg
rivabar.jpgRivabar, Mitte

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