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Berlinish isn´t officially a dialect, but rather more a mix of different dialects. It´s inseperable from the Berlin-Brandenburg region but also shows that the metropolis has been a city of immigrants for centuries.

Berlinish arose from the dialect of the Brandenburg region, and from Saxon and High German. But there are also influences from Slavic, Dutch, Yiddish and French (e.g. Bredullje from the French bredouille). Even criminals´slang has left audible traces. This is how a dialect full of wordplay and pointed remarks developed.

The proverbial Berliner Schnauze (sassy, brash speech) is not for everyone and requires a certain amount of quick-wittedness and humor. If you want to try it, you should know that the Berliners like to make a "j" out of "g" and an "ee" or "oo" out of "ei". So "Na gut, das weiß ich nicht" ("Well, I don´t know that.") becomes "na jut, dit weeß ick nich." You´ll find more helpful expressions for verbal sparring in our short language lesson below.

English Berlinerisch
Hello! Tach och!
What kind of face is that? Wat machst´n für ne Flappe?
I am in a tight spot Ick sitz janz schön inner Bredullje
What have you done? Wat haste bloß wieder anjestellt?
Nothing Nüscht
I can´t speak Berlinerisch very well Ick kann nich jut berlinern
We´ll work it out Dit wer´n wa schon drehn
Shall we go for a drink? Woll´n wa ne Sause mach´n?
I´m having a beer Ick zisch erstma´ne Molle
No worries Mach dir keen Kopp nich
I want to kiss you Ick will dir küssen
Isn´t that amazing? Da biste baff, wa?
Am I stupid? Ick jloobe, meen Schwein feift
You´re crazy! Dir hamse woll als Kind zu heiß jebadet!?
Dream on! Ick wer dir wat husten!
Don´t be such a wimp Mach ma keene Fiesematenten
Look at him, he´s in a rush Kieck mal, der rennt wie ne jesengte Sau
I love you! Ick liebe Dir!
I´m flattered Ick fühle mir jebumfiedelt
Take care! Mach et jut!