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Stuttgart is a shining example of globalization with its 590,000 citizens from 170 countries. A poll of Stuttgart residents showed that 90% of them like living in the city. The result isn't surprising because Stuttgart has a lot to offer.

Culture lovers have plenty to satisfy their needs including the popular art museum, the State Gallery art gallery and art musuem, two spectacular car museums, the renowned Stuttgart Ballet, an innovative opera company, lots of city festivals and a lively, youthful nightlife.

The city also has plenty of recreational and leisure possibilties. There are vineyards reaching right into the city center and you’re usually never more than 300m from a patch of greenery. Lake Constance, the Black Forest and the Alps are not far away.

But there's also a lot of hard work going in the Stuttgart basin. Local auto companies such as Daimler and Porsche have helped make the world mobile. In recent years the city has become a desirable base for high-tech and service providers as well as an internationally recognized industrial location.

The city has also developed into Germany's second most important financial center after Frankfurt.