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New in Stuttgart? The city has art, opera, ballet, nightlife and much more to offer

Stadtteile 3090 Mitte© Solarseven,

Stuttgart is a shining example of globalization with its 590,000 citizens from 170 countries. A poll of Stuttgart residents showed that 90% of them like living in the city. The result isn't surprising because Stuttgart has a lot to offer.

Culture lovers have plenty to satisfy their needs including the popular art museum, the State Gallery art gallery and art musuem, two spectacular car museums, the renowned Stuttgart Ballet, an innovative opera company, lots of city festivals and a lively, youthful nightlife.

Stuttgart – your new home



Stuttgart – isn’t that the stuffy Swabian city with lots of car companies?
If this is what you think, you haven’t discovered the special charm of the city on the Neckar river.
Of course, people value cleanliness here, as well as fastidiously maintaining the Swabian “Kehr­woche”; and many of the approximately 600,000 residents of Stuttgart really do work at Porsche or Mercedes.
But Germany’s top exporter has lots more to offer.



New in Stuttgart?

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