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Sports in Stuttgart


Sports, especially running and climbing steps, has been in the blood of the people of Stuttgart from time immemorial.
The reason for this is the location of the city in a valley basin, resulting in more than 400 staircases (Stäffele).
These used to keep winegrowers fit while they were cultivating their grapes, and now keep the residents in shape.
It´s not known if this is really the reason why there are currently more than 400 clubs in Stuttgart that, with every type of sport and age group, ensure that the fitness level of Stuttgart citizens remains high.

Zoological-botanical garden Stuttgart


Wilhelma Stuttgart
The combination of animals and plants in Germany’s only zoological-botanical garden, together with the Moorish-style architecture is something very special. You can marvel at the 1000 types of animals and 5000 plant species, including highlights such as the water lily pond, the subtropical terraces and the primate house.

›› Bad Cannstatt, Wilhelma 13, Tel. 54 02-0


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