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All kinds of hotels in Stuttgart

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Stuttgart serves up an expansive buffet of rooms, with over 17,000 guest beds in all categories.
More than 160 hotels, bed-and-breakfast establishments and guest houses accommodated more than 2.7 million domestic and international guests in 2008.
The city is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination, having doubled the number of overnight stays in the last few years.
No wonder that a night in Stuttgart is not particularly cheap compared to the rest of Germany.
The average price for an overnight stay is € 109.
A night in a hotel is more expensive only in Munich (€ 116) and in Frankfurt and Cologne, where you will have to shell out € 119.

Apartment hotels in Stuttgart

Apartmenthotel Residenz Steinenbronn
Büroma-Apart Suites
Stuttgart Superior Suites

If you want to take your time looking for a new home or, like many business travelers, only plan to stay in Stuttgart for a couple of months without rent­ing an apartment indefinitely, one of the city’s apartment hotels is a good choice.
Here you can rent a fully furnished apartment – no moving trucks and no stress!
The apartments come fully connected with a kitchen, internet access and a separate working area. The price per night is much lower if you stay for a minimum period of four weeks.


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