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Specialist hospitals Stuttgart

Frauenklinik Charlottenhaus   
This clinic’s focus is on gynecology, obstetrics and plastic surgery.
›› Ost, Gerokstr. 31, Tel. 21 08 70,

Furtbachkrankenhaus – Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie    
Furtbach Hospital offers the whole spectrum of psychiatric and psychotherapy clinical diagnostics and treatment. Based in a collection of heritage-protected buildings, the hospital offers in-patients and out-patients treatment by a small integrated, multi-disciplinary team of doctors, psychologists, social workers, health-care, nursing-care and elderly-care staff and experiential, movement.
›› Süd, Furt­bachstr. 6, Tel. 6 46 50,

Kinderwunschzentrum Stuttgart  
Praxis Villa Haag   
Dr. Mayer-Eichberger and his highly qualified team of doctors, biologists, psychiatrists, technical assistants, specialist staff and natural scientists offer all the modern medical techniques to help those wanting to have children. These are supplemented by alternative methods, including traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture, as well as nutrition advice, massages and osteopathy. An information evening is held once a month, prior registration is necessary.
›› West, Herdweg 69, Tel. 22 10 84,

Sonnenberg Kieferorthopädie   
The group practice of Dr. Boris Sonnenberg and his colleagues offers modern orthodontic treatment at the highest level. The treatment is focused on the optimal orthodontic results, with individually tailored methods of treatments that follow the newest scientific techniques. Besides treating children and youths, the clinic also helps adults to have a healthy,  dazzling smile, if desired using the latest, non-discernible treatment methods.
›› Mitte, Olgastr. 39, Tel. 24 75 04,

Sportklinik Stuttgart   
This specialist clinic for orthopedic surgery, trauma surgery and sports medicine serves the Stuttgart region and beyond. It is one of the leading facilities for treating upper and lower body injuries, particularly for sports men and sports women. The clinic aims to get injured people back into their sports or profession in a quick and careful way, while also ensuring that everyday mobility is maintained.
›› Bad Cannstatt, Taubenheimstr. 8, Tel. 5 53 50,


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