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Bars & Cafés in Bonn

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Bars & pubs Cafés


Bonner Brasserie
The former Bonner Kaffeehaus is now Bonn city center’s most popular meeting place. Young and old come here to enjoy a very special atmosphere that’s a mixture of nostalgia and modernity with a touch of Paris-style flair. The menu should suit all tastes whether you want a break from shopping or a breakfast with friends.

›› Zentrum, Remigiusplatz 5, Tel. 0 228/65 55 59,

Stylish café-restaurant at Blumenmarkt that’s a nice place for a break or to enjoy good food at anytime from breakfast to an evening pasta meal. Always good!
›› Zentrum, Remigiusplatz 2-4, Tel. 0 228/65 89 88,

Café Giaccomo
To enjoy Italian café flair in Bonn, Giacomo is simply the best place. True, you’re not in a Rome piazza, but you are in the heart of Bonn city center and the cappuccino and delicious breakfasts are at least as good as their Roman counterparts. Fresh Italian food specialties that change every day tempt hungry mouths to pop in for a snack.
›› Zentrum, Bottlerplatz 10, Tel. 0 228/9 69 54 08,

Café Göttlich
A second living room for many students! Nearly all Bonn students have drunk a milk coffee here or spent the last bit of their student grant or loan on a Heineken beer. You can sit outside and watch the comings and goings in the pedestrian shopping area and forget about your next lecture.
›› Zentrum, Fürstenstr. 4, Tel. 0 228/65 99 69,

Café im Kunstmuseum
It’s well known that visiting a museum makes you hungry, so at the Kunstmuseum you can enjoy coffee, cakes and other snacks in addition to viewing the renowned paintings. There are daily specials or you can start the day with a tasty breakfast from 10 am to 3 pm.
›› Zentrum, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 2, Tel. 0 228/23 00 59,

Café Zeitlos
The differently arranged and furnished themed rooms here could easily rival those at Villa Kunterbunt, giving this café its own special radiant charm. There is also lots of nice food on the menu, not least because the baker Ingo produces all the baked items freshly on site. Particularly recommended are the home-made tarts and cakes.
›› Zentrum, Römerstr. 235, Tel. 0 228/22 79 70 16,

Odenbach & Wirtz Kaffeehaus
The two women who used to run the Petit Café have rescued most of the interior decor of their former location in a new home in Bonn’s artists quarter. Delicious food including various quiches, sandwiches with rustic bread and the house speciality, home-made Nussstriezeln, are all still of the highest culinary quality. New is Sunday breakfast, which is offered in seven variations, and also the live music from Bonn and Cologne jazz bands.
›› Zentrum, Hochstadenring 22, Tel. 0 228/965 87 08,

This place is quiet and stylish just like the Südstadt district itself. The ambience appears to magically draw students and professors alike from the nearby university. You’ll see lots of students studying hard for their exams aiming to brighten up their day with a delicious breakfast or a Mediterranean daily special.
›› Südstadt, Weberstr. 43, Tel. 0 228/22 23 58

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Bars & pubs

Bellini Bar
Bellini Bar is fully committed to the Italian-style Dolce Vita, so you can drop in not just for a cappuccino, but also pizza, pasta and wine. A very popular, trendy meeting place for all Bonn night owls.
›› Zentrum, Rathausgasse 38, Tel. 0 228/65 29 50,

Blow Up
You can party here until the early hours and then snooze on one of the sofas. Previously a notorious place called Lady Hamilton, the small bar has some of its former naughty charm and its ambience is still defined by subdued red lighting and a velvety ambience with lots of mirrors.
›› Zentrum, Rathausgasse 10, Tel. 0 228/9 48 46 69,

Che Guevara
Whether it’s Daiquiri, Whiskey Sour or Singapore Sling, this bar knows the art of mixing a good cocktail. There’s always a good atmosphere that’s a slick mix of Cuban zest and Rhineland jollity.
›› Zentrum, Münsterstr. 9, Tel. 0 228/6 29 79 73,

Without doubt one of Bonn’s most trendy places. You can sip a highly enjoyable Martini at the ultra-long bar and flirt with your neighbor. The great view of the Rhine comes free. The bar even impressed the connoisseurs of Playboy magazine who named it one of Germany’s Top 100 bars.
›› Zentrum, Am Boeselagerhof 1, Tel. 0 228/1 84 47 70,

Once the mousetrap (Mausefalle) snaps to, it’s not easy to escape, it’s best to sit back and enjoy a well-kept beer or sip a cocktail. The beer garden always has a relaxed atmosphere in summer and there’s even live music.
›› Südstadt, Weberstr. 41, Tel. 0 228/2 27 79 88,

Very chic, trendy and always full café in the heart of Bonn’s center with great food. Sitting on the large sun terrace with a Latte Macchiato and fresh croissants is a great way to start the day. People meet at midday to have lunch and in the evening to see and be seen.
›› Zentrum, Münsterplatz 11, Tel. 0 228/96 96 38 21,

Shakers is a place not to be missed even though it’s somewhat hidden in a rear courtyard. Once you’re there, you won’t be disappointed. Here things are shaken and stirred for all their worth. The result is top-class cocktails that are addictive. Many consider it Bonn’s best cocktail bar.
›› Zentrum, Bornheimer Str. 26, Tel. 0 228/9 81 44 90,

A popular cocktail bar in the evening with a cosmopolitan atmosphere.
›› Zentrum, Mildred-Scheel-Str. 1, Tel. 0 228/3 72 82 89,

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Brew pubs & beer gardens

Alter Zoll
Alter Zoll is a great place to enjoy a lovely walk and also a freshly-tapped Kölsch beer. Snacks are served as well as tasty Italian food. Unfortunately it’s often so crowded that customers have to make themselves comfortable on the nearby grass.
›› Zentrum, Brassertufer 1, Tel. 0 228/24 12 43

One of Bonn’s most prettiest beer gardens for a day out, located right next to a boat jetty. You can sit right next to the Rhine and enjoy the wonderful panorama to the full. Serving food and drink are a restaurant, a basic drinks kiosk and a large beer garden, all with a view of the Drachenfels. It’s especially nice when the sun sets.
›› Plittersdorf, Von-Sandt-Ufer 1, Tel. 0 228/3 68 04 33,

This beer garden where Germany’s oldest narrow-gauge railway used to terminate attracts a jolly crowd of visitors enjoying a day out, tourists and ordinary Bonn residents who like the pretty location by Father Rhine. The beer garden is full to bursting with people on warm summer evenings. They all come for the very special setting, fresh Kölsch beer and spectacular view of Bonn’s skyline.
›› Beuel, Rheinaustr. 116, Tel. 0 228/46 34 36,

Bierhaus Machold
This traditional pub-restaurant in a former brewery in the old city is almost a secret tip. In the lovingly arranged beer garden, you’ll feel more like you’re in Tuscany rather than in Bonn and the food includes many Mediterranean dishes as well as hearty fare. A fresh unfiltered Machold beer, the house specialty, is the best accompaniment. Also a popular place for a Sunday brunch for the whole family.
›› Zentrum, Heerstr. 52, Tel. 0 228/9 63 78 77,

Brauhaus Bönnsch
This brewery pub-restaurant is the only place where the top-fermented golden yellow Bönnsch beer is served. It’s loved not just by Bonn people, but also by visitors from all over the world.
›› Zentrum, Sterntorbrücke 4, Tel. 0 228/65 06 10,

This has been a popular place for a day out for years with long-established Bonn residents and newcomers. Once you’ve been here, you’ll understand why. The romantic location amid the undisturbed nature of the Siebenbirge hills is simply unbeatable. The snug interior and pretty beer garden add to the attraction. Walkers fortify themselves with a hearty meal and those with a sweet tooth can try freshly baked waffles with vanilla ice cream.
›› 53639 Königswinter, Elsiger Feld 1, Tel. 0 22 23/9 09 00-0,

Pretty beer garden near the Post Towers in the middle of the Rheinaue, Bonn’s largest city park.
›› Zentrum, Rheinaue, Charles-de-Gaulle-Str. 53, Tel. 0 228/23 67 04,

Zum blauen Affen
You can unwind wonderfully in this pavilion with a beer garden by the Rhine. Families, in-line skaters, joggers and walkers stop here for a break and simply to enjoy the summer.
›› Beuel, Elsa-Brandström-Str. 74, Tel. 0 228/46 53 07,

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Beach clubs

Sandy Beach
It’s possible to relax on warm sand and drink a Caipirinha from a beach-side bar even on the Rhine “riviera.’’Some 700 tons of the finest quartz sand are used to transform an area beside the Rhine into a South Seas paradise with deck chairs and beach chairs, all creating a vacation feeling.
›› Oberkassel, Karl-Duwe-Str., Tel. 0 1577/3 35 66 32,

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