German as a foreign language

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There are two ways to learn German as a foreign language according to scientific studies: the unsupervised method – picking it up on the street – or the structured approach in classes. A mixture of both is probably best.

A balanced program at a language school includes speaking, listening, writing and diction, reading, building up your vocabulary, conversation and grammar exercises, as well as learning something about the country. Classes are in German right from the beginning, which creates an authentic feeling. The goal is to give students a basic knowledge of everyday German. Then they can go out onto the street to practice and improve on it.

If you want to learn perfect German, Munich’s Spotlight Verlag publishes a monthly magazine called “Deutsch perfekt.” Every month, correspondents from Germany, Austria and Switzerland write articles about society, politics and other topics. In addition, the magazine provides advice for people who want to live or work in Germany. There are articles for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Students of all levels benefit from the magazine. New words are explained in simple German and there is an extensive vocabulary section with cards you can collect. “Deutsch perfekt” costs € 5.50 per issue at the newsstand. A one-year subscription costs € 59.40.


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