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Munich is the German city with the strongest economy. The initiative “Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft (INSM)” (New Social Market Economy) and the “WirtschaftsWoche” (Business Weekly) magazine have awarded Munich the top score in their comparative survey for the second time in 2005.

According to the study, Munich has the lowest unemployment rate for example and - together with Dresden - the highest concentrat-ion of top qualified and best paid employees among Germany’s 50 biggest cities.

Yet the city, with its trade fairs as well as the many big companies such as Siemens, BMW and MAN, has also made a name for itself beyond Germany’s borders. Munich is mostly known as a leading city in the hi-tech, biotechnology and media fields.

In particular, American microelectronic companies such as Apple, Intel or Microsoft have branches here, allowing Munich to gain the title “Isar Valley,” just like the Californian “Silicon Valley.”

In these times of economic crisis, however, not even the people of Munich are immune to unemployment. Job seekers are assisted by the Agentur für Arbeit (government job agency) in Kapuzinerstraße 26.

Agencies for temporary jobs can also be a very good starting off point. Employment agencies put job seekers in contact with companies that have short-term personnel shortages. If the temporary work goes well, you could soon be working for the company as a full-time employee.


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