Activ lernen - Institut für Sprachen und Nachhilfe
If German is an unknown frontier for you, this is a good place to come to. The courses in German as a foreign language are combined with a varied cultural and leisure program to make learning fun and quickly successful. Also offers courses in English, French, Greek, Arabic and many other languages.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 24, Tel. 9 52 51 86,

Individualized courses ranging from group lessons to personal coaching are optimally aligned with the language level and needs of the participants. Lessons are rounded off with intercultural training that gives students a sense of the as-yet strange culture along with language skills.
›› Neustadt-Süd, Hohenstaufenring 42, Tel. 99 76 09 60,

Bénédict International Language & Business School Köln
This school has offered professional language lessons to international standards since 1974. The accredited test center awards language certificates in German, English and French. Bénédict School also runs state-subsidized integration courses.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Norbertstr. 21-23, Tel. 12 34 60,

Efficient language training according to the successful Berlitz method® is available here for adults, companies and children in all currently spoken languages. The core elements are active dialog and group or individual lessons taught by qualified teams of teachers made up of native speakers. Also offers language study trips and intercultural training.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Schildergasse 72-75, Tel. 27 73 90,
›› Bonn-Zentrum, Oxfordstr. 24, Tel. 0 228/65 50 05,

School with 40 years of experience that offers training and further development during day and evening courses in German, English, Spanish and French for different levels of ability. Also arranges personal coaching specially tailored for companies. Interpretation and translation services as well as preparation for the IHK (chamber of commerce) exam are also offered.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Christophstr. 40, Tel. 1 39 05 34,

Englisch nach Maß
This language school, which is in the heart of the Cologne/Bonn region, offers personalized and lively language lessons for private or career purposes in English and lots of other languages from Arabic to Italian. The wide range of offerings also includes intercultural training, language trips, translations, proof reading and interpreting. Students with education vouchers from the government’s employment agency are also welcome.
›› 53842 Troisdorf, Mottmannstr. 6a, Tel. 0 22 41/39 03 43,

Englisch Institut Köln
English language professionals for more than 50 years with specialized services such as business and legal English. Official examination center for Cambridge University.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Gertrudenstr. 24-28, Tel. 2 57 82-74, -75,

factory international training
Language school specializing in teaching international skilled employees and managers that offers intercultural training courses, giving an insight into working and everyday life in Germany. The language courses focus on particular business situations such as presentations, discussions and conflict management which can be carried out in German, English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.
›› Rath/Heumar, Ostarastr. 2, Tel. 42 67 34,

This college, in a nice, quiet location in the heart of Cologne offers lots of foreign language courses including English, Spanish, Arabic, Thai and German as a foreign language. Every student should find something suitable among the comprehensive course program that ranges from beginners to preparation for a job as an interpreter through individual lessons or in groups.
›› Neustadt-Süd, Lindenstr. 19, Tel. 2 58 22 11,

Goethe-Institut Bonn
International market leader for German lessons, with the most up-to-date training methods, intensive support and internationally recognized tests. Courses emphasize everyday situations, leisure, career or studying, all of which are accompanied by a diverse cultural and leisure-time program.
›› Bonn-Zentrum, Lennéstr. 6, Tel. 0 228/95 75 60,

For more than 30 years, inlingua’s international team has offered effective language courses oriented to a student’s individual needs. Native-language trainers, small homogenous groups and modern teaching methods guarantee success. Also on offer: private training, crash courses, translations and language study trips.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Herzogstr. 32, Tel. 2 57 57 90,
›› Bonn-Zentrum, Markt 10-12, Tel. 0 228/63 42 55,

Insula - Sprachschule für Deutsch und Spanisch
Insula offers language lessons focusing on communication and everyday situations in small groups of up to 10 people. Insula’s methodical and well qualified young staff aim to ensure that every student is offered the best possible course option, which is individualized where necessary. A main objective of the college is to create an atmosphere where all participants feel comfortable and well looked after. Courses include company courses, intensive German, German workshops, German evening courses focusing on grammar, with a focus on speaking but also balanced on speech and grammar.
›› Ehrenfeld, Vogelsangerstrasse 61, Tel. 0221 7900 4204,

Kern IKL Business Language Training
State-certified educational institution with 38 language centers across Germany. Private clients learn the language of their choice in individual lessons or in small groups with 4-6 members. The lessons by qualified trainers mirror real-life situations, which makes learning fun and leads to quick results. Kern IKL Business Language Training has also been a successful partner for international companies offering a wide range of solutions in the areas of language training for expert and management staff.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Schildergasse 51-53, Tel. 21 95 08,

Linguarama Spracheninstitut
Linguarama specializes in business language training and offers tailored courses for companies, intensive business training and group courses teaching expertise for meetings and presentations. Also offered are language holidays and intercultural communication.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Marzellenstr. 3-5, Tel. 16 09 90,

Whether it’s language lessons for children, a crash course or brushing up your language skills for the next summer holiday, here everyone should find what they need. As well as the usual foreign languages, you can learn languages such as Persian, Danish, Arabic or modern Greek.
›› Raderberg, Sechtemer Str. 8, Tel. 8 01 10 74,

Tandem Köln
As well as professionally run German courses, this school offers a special Tandem teaching method in which two students with different native languages familiarize each other with the speech and culture of their respective countries.
›› Neustadt-Süd, Roland-Str. 57, Tel. 3 10 10 30,

Thimis Languages
Foreign language lessons at Thimis are designed around an individual student’s needs and also cover intercultural topics as well as language competence. Also offered are language trips, translation services and relocation help such as dealing with authorities, finding a home or choosing a suitable school.
›› Kalk, Lüttringhauser Str. 45, Tel. 8 02 73 94,

Volkshochschulen Köln & Bonn
City-run adult education centers with a comprehensive program of languages including German as a foreign language.
›› see further education

Wall Street Institute
You can learn English at this language center through the unique and award-winning WSI Multimethod®, which promises especially quick success.
›› Altstadt-Süd, Hahnenstr. 8, Tel. 2 72 68 60
›› Bonn-Zentrum, Giergasse 2, Tel. 0 228/96 55 70