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From nursery to high school graduation

schule3New teachers, new schoolmates, new friends – when parents move, a different school or kindergarten is on the timetable for their children. If you are moving with children, then you have good reason to be happy about your new home because North Rhine-Westphalia has a good choice of all-day educational care, which is especially important for working parents.

In most of Germany, children usually attend schools only in the morning but Cologne´s primary schools are full-day schools where pupils can take part in learning, social and leisure activities in the afternoon.
More and more comprehensive, secondary and academic (grammar) high schools are expanding to become all-day schools.

For children aged 10/11 to 16/17 there is a programm that offers educational care during the midday break and supplementary activities after lessons, usually until 3 pm.

The Web site of the city´s education service has the best overview of Cologne´s schools.
There´s a search function for types of schools, supervision and language possibilities.


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