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Bonn museums

Fascinating history of counting machines from the early days to their replacement by electronics in the 1970s.
›› Bonn-Zentrum, Lennéstr. 2, Tel. 0 228/73 87 90,

August Macke Haus
The house in Bornheimer Straße where German Expressionist painter August Macke had his first and only studio until 1914 is now a museum of his work. Here he labored to create over 400 works including the famous mural Paradise with Munich painter Franz Marc, which can be admired in the Westphalia regional museum in Münster. Just as worth seeing are the artist’s original oil paintings on display here as well as a Rhineland Expressionism archive and the latest special exhibitions that illuminate the many facets of the painter’s personality.
›› Bonn-Zentrum, Bornheimer Str. 96, Tel. 0 228/65 55 31,

Beethoven Haus
The house where the Bonn composer was born is a magical attraction for music lovers from all over the world, who can admire here the world’s largest collection dedicated to the life and works of the genius. You can stroll through 12 exhibition areas and fully dive into the world of Ludwig van Beethoven.
›› Bonn-Zentrum, Bonngasse 18-26, Tel. 0 228/9 81 75-25,

Deutsches Museum Bonn
The Deutsche Museum covers six centuries of German science and technology with vivid presentations. The museum, with its five differently themed exhibition areas, changing exhibitions and events, is a landmark in the national museum scene.
›› Museumsmeile, Bonn-Plittersdorf, Ahrstr. 45, Tel. 0 228/3 02-2 55,

Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Breathe in German history in a 4,000 sq m exhibition area. The museum’s exhibits bear witness to German history from after World War II to the present day. Over 4,000 vivid displays give a comprehensive impression of all daily life, including politics, business, social issues, art and culture and showcase people’s lives.
›› Museumsmeile, Bonn-Zentrum, Willy-Brandt-Allee 14, Tel. 0 228/91 65-0,

Kunstmuseum Bonn
This Bonn arts museum mainly focuses on German art after 1945 and on Rhineland impressionism and is one of the German-speaking world’s most significant museums. Permanent exhibits include a graphics collection and video displays.
›› Museumsmeile, Bonn-Zentrum, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 2, Tel. 0 228/77 62 60,

Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der BRD
This is the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany and young and old will find something interesting and worth seeing during the regularly changing exhibitions on very different themes, including art and cultural history, curiosities and pioneering discoveries and inventions in science and technology. You can stroll around the roof garden in summer and with a little luck catch a sculpture exhibition.
›› Museumsmeile, Bonn-Zentrum, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 4, Tel. 0 228/91 71-0,

Museum Koenig
A zoological research center whose goal is to investigate and explain the earth’s species diversity. It succeeds brilliantly. In a new permanent exhibition with the promising name “Our Blue Earth – Living in a Network’’ visitors are taken on a journey through many different vegetation and living environments around the world, experiencing them with all their senses. Especially vivid is the exhibition in the Vivarium in the basement, where living creatures such as snakes, geckos and lizards await brave visitors in their terrariums and aquariums.
›› Museumsmeile, Bonn-Zentrum, Adenauerallee 160, Tel. 0 228/91 22-0,


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