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Ferry tales


Residents of Hamburg can travel by ferry as well as by bus and train with an HVV ticket. Five HVV ferry lines cross the River Elbe in the port area and offer exciting sightseeing and excursions as well as normal transport trips. For example, you can take a nice round trip from the landing stage to Finkenwerder with the Linie 62 and enjoy a great view of Hamburg from the water without paying for a costly harbour tour.

Just as rewarding is the trip from Blankenese to Cranz in the Alte Land (all the ferry services except this are run by the HADAG). If you want to explore Hamburg from its waterways, HADAG and the Als­tertouristik offer many romantic cruises on the Alster, as well as the canals and waterways, naturally not for the same fares as the HVV but they are just as enjoyable.

Ferry lines

HVV-Hafenfähre Linie 61
Landungsbrücken - Neuhof

HVV-Hafenfähre Linie 62
Sandtorhöft - Landungsbrücken, Brücke 3 -

HVV-Hafenfähre Linie 64
Finkenwerder - Teufelsbrück

HVV-Hafenfähre Linie 73
Landungsbrücken - Oderhöft

HVV-Hafenfähre Linie 75
Zum Theater im Hafen  
(„König der Löwen“)


ATG Alster-Touristik GmbH   
›› Neustadt, Anleger Jungfernstieg, Tel. 3 57 42 40

›› St. Pauli Fischmarkt 28, Tel. 3 11 70 70




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