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Electricity, gas and water: the major Hamburg suppliers



A number of different companies supply sufficient water, heat and electricity to households in Hamburg. The biggest utility companies on Hamburg’s energy market are Vattenfall Europe Hamburg (electricity) and E.ON Hanse (gas). Both now supply their own electricity and natural gas, just like many other energy companies such as lekker Energie, eprimo and the Wedel city works department. Hamburg people can choose from any of them.

Since 2009, Hamburg has once more had an energy supplier that’s 100 percent publicly owned, called Hamburg Energie. The company is a subsidiary of Hamburg Wasser and focuses on supplying safe and green energy for all residents that does not come from coal or nuclear power plants. Biogas, which is produced by the biological breakdown of organic matter, is replacing natural gas, so if you buy biogas from Hamburg Energie, you are doing something worthwhile to preserving Hamburg’s natural resources.

An environmentally friendly alternative is also offered by the wemio energy product from Schwerin-based WEMAG AG with CO2 emissions-free ecological electricity from 100 percent renewable energy sources. With its Waldgas (forest gas) scheme, WEMAG offers its gas customers a “forest share” that is used to plant trees on 10 sq m of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state forest.
Hamburg Wasser quenches the thirst of over 2 million Hamburg residents. It is Germany’s biggest state-owned municipal drinking water and sewage disposal company and supplies high quality drinking water, that is even suitable for nursing babies.

An overview of the most important addresses

E Wie Einfach Strom & Gas GmbH
›› Köln, Salierring 47-53, Tel. 0800/441 18 00

E.ON Hanse AG
›› Headquarters: Quickborn, Schleswag-HeinGas-Platz 1
›› Hamburg: Hammerbrook, Heidenkampsweg 99
›› Tel. 01801/40 44 44,

›› Neu-Isenburg, Flughafen Str. 20, Tel. 0800/606 01 10

Greenpeace energy
›› Eimsbüttel, Schulterblatt 120, Tel. 80 81 10-600

Hamburg Energie GmbH
›› Rothenburgsort, Billhorner Deich 2
›› Kundencenter Hamburg Energie & Wasser, Altstadt, Ballindamm 1
›› Hotline: 33 44 10 10

›› St. Pauli, Zirkusweg 6, Tel. 01802/66 06 60

Nuon Deutschland GmbH
›› Berlin, Egells Str. 21, Tel. 0180/115 01 11

Stadtwerke Wedel
›› Wedel, Feld Str. 150, Tel. 04103/80 50,

Vattenfall Europe Hamburg
›› Kundenzentrum Innenstad: Spitaler Str. 22, Tel. 63 96-53 66
›› Zweigstelle Eimsbüttel: Oster STr. 133, Tel. 63 96-35 06
›› Tel. 01801/43 90 00,

›› WEMAG AG, 19053 Schwerin, Obotritenring 40, Servicetelefon: 0 385/­7 55 17 55,

Yello Strom GmbH
›› Köln, Taubenholzweg 1, Tel. 0800/190 00 19


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Free customer service:
›› Electricity & gas:
›› Mo-Fr 8.00-20.00 & Sa 9.00-16.00, Tel. 0800/80 80 890
›› Telecommunication:
›› Mo-Fr 9.00-18.00 & Sa 9.00-15.00, Tel. 0800/28 92 892


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