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Old enough for the museum

KKE_bfk00007_800x400Bucerius Kunst Forum


Hamburg´s museums impress visitors with spectacular exhibitions, often in the large institutions such as the Deichtorhallen or the Kunsthalle with its contemporary art collection. In addition to cultural museums such as the Altona Museum, one of Germany´s biggest regional museums, many of Hamburg´s 60 museums have a maritime focus such as the Ship-in-a-Bottle Museum and the International Maritime Museum. If just looking isn´t enough for you, try Spicys Gewürzmuseum or the new Prototype Museum, where you can touch and experiment with the exhibits to your heart´s content.


Overview of museums

KKE_Beatlemania_PSZ_05_004Beatlemania Hamburg KKE_Speicherstadt-MuseumSpeicherstadt-Museum KKE_HamburgmuseumHamburgmuseum


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