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Observatories & planetariums

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Sternwarte Herne  
Here it’s possible for star-gazers to use various deep-sky telescopes to look far into space.
There are planetariums, an observation dome and a lecture room to visit as well.
A planetary trail for astronomy novices has also been built in neighboring Dorneberger Park.

›› Herne-Wanne-Süd, Am Böckenbusch 2a, Tel. 0 177/633 24 65

Volkssternwarte Hagen  
Tours, lectures, excursions and exhibits inform astronomy fans competently and comprehensively.
Stars and planets can of course be observed through various telescopes.
The world’s first walkable planetary model was established in Hagen’s inner-city during the 1970s in cooperation with the Hagen observatory.

›› Hagen-Wehringhausen, Am Eugen-Richter-Turm, Tel. 0 23 31/­59 07 90

Zeiss Planetarium Bochum  
One of Germany’s most advanced planetariums.
Its vaulted cupola roof has become an emblem of Bochum.
Up to 260 visitors make their way to an artificial starlit sky 20 m in diameter.
The 60-minute shows are produced with the most advanced technology, and the special demonstrations for kids are designed to be instructive and still entertaining.

›› Bochum-Innenstadt, Castroper Str. 67, Tel. 0 234/51 60 60


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