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A blossoming metropolitan region

From nondescript residential areas to the most important industrial region and finally to a location for (industrial) culture with a full quality of life – the Ruhr Region has definitely seen some changes.
For “Ruhris,’’ as local people are known, it’s almost a question of honor not to rest on their laurels, but to develop their region, fondly nicknamed the “Pott,’’ even further as a modern and attractive place to live.

Dortmund wins soccer museum

It’s been official since April 24, 2009: The winning location for the new soccer museum of the German Soccer Association (DFB) is... Dortmund!

Tiger & Turtle: a new twist at Duisburg’s Angerpark

From afar Duisburg’s newest landmark seems to promise the racy pleasure of a rollercoaster ride.
The construction with its spiral-shaped twists and turns is part of the Angerpark landscaped area opened on the Heinrich-Hildebrand Heights in 2008.

A breath of fresh air

The Ruhr is showing its environmentally conscious side:
Starting in 2012, to improve the air in the region, the entire area is being considered an integrated environmental zone.


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