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The Ruhr Region’s wide range of sporting events and activities is evidence that soccer is not the only sport in the region.
Every December, the world’s best biathletes compete in the World Team Challenge in a sold-out Veltins-Arena.
If you want to participate in winter sports, you can ski to your heart’s content at the world’s longest indoor ski facility at the Bottrop Alpine Center.

Professionals and amateurs are drawn every year to two major Ruhr marathons, the RWE Marathon around Lake Bal­deney in Essen and the Duisburg Rhine-Ruhr marathon through the city’s inner harbor.

Water sports enthusiasts will find ideal conditions for their exertions at countless lakes and reservoirs, whether they involve swimming, canoeing, surfing or diving.
The Ruhr Region has another great attraction: the popular Duisburg Gasometer, Europe’s largest and most spectacular indoor diving pool, with a wide range of depths.

Mountain bikers rise in the world on the many re-naturalized slag heaps in the region – with great views thrown in for good measure.
The activities are less strenuous on the many golf courses in the surprisingly green Ruhr Region.

And if you still prefer Ruhr sport No. 1 notwithstanding the wide array of options, you can always find somewhere to kick the ball around.
After all, the Ruhr metropolis doesn’t just rank first in the world for its soccer audiences.

It’s also in the forefront for the number of active players in the region.


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