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Exceptional Hotels in the Ruhr Region

Alte Lohnhalle   
€ 63 and up sternstern
Miners once received their weekly pay in the interior of the magnificent neo-Gothic wage hall of the heritage-protected Bonifacius mine. It includes 17 individually furnished rooms for 1 to 3 persons with colorful baths and design classics of the 20th century. The Über Tage Restaurant serves fresh (Ruhr) cooking with a Mediterranean influence.
›› Essen-Kray, Rotthauser Str. 40, Tel. 0 201/3 84 57-0

art Hotel Körschen    
€ 89 and up sternsternstern   
The hotel’s lovingly furnished themed rooms are located in Essen, but you are transported to Italy, London, New York or the Hamptons. At the art Hotel, you also see changing exhibitions of famous artists. People staying a long time in Essen can rent a fully furnished and highly modern apartment with VIP furnishings, including a built-in kitchen.
›› Essen-Stadtkern, Hindenburg Str. 6, Tel. 0 201/­1 02 99 85

art Hotel Tucholsky    
€ 65 and up sternsternstern   
No room is like another in this 37-room, livable work of art. But they all combine art, design and home accessories into a unique learning experience. The technology includes free WiFi. The artworks of Detlef Vordenbäumen mainly adorn its rooms and corridors. The Café Tucholsky and Tapas Restaurant cater to your needs superbly.
›› Bochum-Innenstadt, Viktoria Str. 73, Tel. 0 234/­9 64 36-0

Hotel Schloss Westerholt   
€ 95 and up sternsternsternstern   
Spend the night royally in the castle hotel! Its 35 rooms are lovingly and individually designed, partly with history in mind. They are located in the business wing or manor. The hotel was once the seat of the Westerholt aristocratic family, and it spoils you with the most agreeable comforts.
›› Herten-Westerholt, Schlossstr. 1, Tel. 0 209/14 89 40

Jammertal Golf & Spa Resort    
€ 95 and up sternsternsternsternstern
Despite its name, this resort really gives you nothing to yammer about. The Bertelsmann Guide, which honored it as the best Wellness and Beauty Resort for 2011, shares that opinion. Its health and beauty offerings are truly unparalleled. Jammertal has a sauna village, massages, cosmetic and salt bath treatments, and natural swimming pond with a sandy beach. With the pillows you choose from the pillow bar, you can be assured of a deep slumber. The rooms bear such melodious names as heathland sheep or hedge violet. The nine-hole golf course with a covered driving range is suited for both beginners and professionals.
›› Datteln-Datteln, Redder Str. 421, Tel. 0 23 63/37 70

Raj Mahal    
€ 87 and up sternsternsternstern
This Indian royal palace featuring artistic statues, doorway arches made of sandstone, and hand-carved furnishings rises in the middle of Castorp-Rauxel. Its 56 rooms and suites combine an Indian atmosphere with the amenities of a modern four-star hotel. The Himalaya Restaurant serves a refined cuisine consisting of German, Indian and vegetarian foods. Spa and cosmetic treatments as well as ayurvedic cures are offered in the adjacent medical spa.
›› Castrop-Rauxel-Rauxel, Medizin Park Ruhr, Europaplatz 3-11, Tel. 0 23 05/­44 55 100

Road Stop Dortmund   
€ 39 and up       
When you’ve spent the night in any of the six themed rooms of the Dortmund Road Stop Motel, you’ve taken a trip from New York, through Las Vegas and L.A. to Kentucky. You recover your strength in the Bar & Grill Restaurant after a hard night in the Jail House Room. The fare includes original American classics such as burgers, steaks, ribs and wings, finger food, wraps and delicious salads.
›› Dortmund-Syburg, Hohensyburgstr. 169, Tel. 0 231/4 88 26 60

Wellings Romantik Hotel zur Linde  
€ 79 and up sternsternsternstern  
A special hotel experience, whether you choose a room in the country-house style or settle on one of the creative options: the women’s room, the Porsche suite or wedding room with whirlpool. Dining has been turned an experience in the more than 220-year-old farmhouse, adding to your enjoyment and comfort level.
›› Moers-Repelen, An der Linde 2, Tel. 0 28 41/97 60

Zollverein Touristik   
€ 28 and up       
Experience authentic Ruhr Region flair in affordable private accommodation, often with lovingly decorated rooms with great breakfasts.
›› Kontakt: Essen-Stoppenberg, Kokerei Zollverein, Tor 3, Arendahls Wiese
›› Tel. 0 201/8 60 59 40


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