Coerri Gourmet
The much sought-after, butcher-fresh sausage with curry sauce! The obligatory crunchy fries are made from high-quality potatoes.
The homemade curry sauces are based on natural ingredients that can be ordered with the desired spiciness.
Schnitzel, meatballs, soup and salad are also on the menu.
›› Essen-Zentrum, Lindenallee 10, Tel. 0 201/17 89 43 60,

Sausage with curry sauce has made a place for itself in the fabric of the Rü. The “Berlin’’ variety is clearly a fast seller. Its meat comes from controlled production with just 25 percent fat. The accompanying fries are prepared from fresh potatoes, and there’s a delicious selection of sauces.
›› Essen-Rüttenscheid, Girardetstr. 2-38, Tel. 0 201/­3 16 60 35

Here it’s all about the sausage – and to be precise, about the popular sausages with delicious curry sauces, garnished with crispy fries. The spiciness ranges from fruity to positively hot. Steaks and salads are on the menu as well, and a freshly pulled beer always tastes good.
›› Duisburg-Altstadt, Königstr. 39, im Citypalais/Casino, Tel. 0 203/29 88 77 77

Pizza & Co
A good, delicious alternative to the popular fast-food restaurants.
The snack bar stretches over two floors with comfortable red seating cubes.
The lines are especially long for fresh pizza and the popular baguettes with remoulade sauce.
›› Bochum-Innenstadt, Kortumstr. 3, Tel. 0 234/6 76 11