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The Industrial Heritage Trail

As a newcomer, you can get the best overview of the Ruhr simply by following the Industrial Heritage Trail.
This roughly 400 km route goes by the region’s most important industrial monuments that have left a decisive mark on the landscape and changed it enduringly over the course of its 150 year mining history.

It includes significant mining works such as the Zollverein, the spectacular Oberhausen Gasometer, and other industrial facilities, along with former worker housing.
Today they have been converted into cultural venues, museums and recreational facilities, keeping the industrial past alive in the process.

As a result, the Ruhr Region has preserved its old face while adding captivating new elements.
They are becoming an increasingly powerful attraction for visitors.

In all, the trail offers 52 sights worth seeing, with 25 anchors forming the main attractions and starting points for 25 additional themed routes.
Slag heaps are among the route’s industrial monuments.

Today they are great spots for leisure activities and relaxation and offer fantastic views of the entire region.
For further information, see the section on Sports & Leisure.



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