Munich with its many sights in and around the city is a biker’s paradise. Some 18 routes radiate like spokes on a wheel from the city center in all directions. Route planning maps can be obtained from the tourist information office. Munich has 700 kilometers of bike paths altogether. The ADFC, Germany’s association for cyclists, offers cycle holidays on the Euro Bike Bus and cycle tours across Greater Munich at the weekends or on weekday evenings. The club also helps with questions on bike maintenance and offers regular courses at its headquarters on Platenstraße.

Bike shops

Bianchi Store
Current Bianchi models, ranging from racing bikes, mountainbikes and bikes for athletes to training bikes, computerized measuring systems to ascertain the perfect seat position, accessories, clothes and repair shop.
›› Neuhausen, Nymphenburger Str. 91, Tel. 18 95 26 20,

Bike Sport
Bikes, accessories, clothing, bike rental.
›› Schwabing, Leopoldstr. 54, Tel. 57 96 62 01,

Doctor Bike
Bike check-up, repair service, emergency aid, mobile bike service and bike store
›› Maxvorstadt, Schellingstr. 58, Tel. 2 71 81 43
›› Neuhausen, Leonrodstr. 4, Tel. 13 93 71 01

Great selection, ranging from bikes for kids to city bikes and tandems, accessories, e.g. helmets, rain gear and panniers.
›› Trudering, Schmuckerweg 3, Tel. 42 62 21
››  Altstadt, Rumfordstr. 46, Tel. 22 65 14
››  Unterschleißheim, Carl-von-Linde-Str. 28, Tel. 3 10 95 07

Specialty store for bike trailers, plus vehicles for kids and trailer bikes.
›› Lehel, St.-Anna-Str. 18, Tel. 21 86 90 16,

Bike store, clothes, shoes and accessories, free bike tours..
›› Schwanthalerhöhe, Fäustlestr. 7, Tel. 5 02 99 00,

Radl Bauer
Munich’s biggest bike store: check-ups, individual equipment, spare parts, home sports and fitness machines.
›› Ludwigsvorstadt, Paul-Heyse-Str. 25, Tel. 53 11 09
›› Neuhausen, Marsstr. 43, Tel. 55 40 96
›› Milbertshofen, Maria-Probst-Str. 15, Tel. 31 69 94 03
›› Aubing, Stockacher Str. 10, Tel. 83 96 97 00


Great selection of bikes for kids, city and cross and mountainbikes, plus special bikes, e.g. tricycles and unicycles, transport bikes and trailers.
›› Thalkirchen, Aidenbachstr. 116, Tel.
›› Westend, Trappentreustr. 10, Tel. 50 62 85

Radschlag X
All kinds of bikes, maintenance and repair service; ask for special offers in the shop.
›› Haidhausen, Einsteinstr. 48, Tel. 47 98 46,

Sport Scheck
Specialty store for all kinds of sporting goods, including a large selection of mountainbikes, special clothes, shoes and accessories, bike repair shop.
›› Altstadt, Sendlinger Str. 6, Tel. 2 16 60,

Bike & Ride

Das Fahrrad-Ticket für den MVV

The best idea for starting a bike tour to the Munich environs is with public transportation. You can easily bring a bicycle with you in the U- and S-Bahn, as well as in certain regional trains (except during rush hours: Monday-Friday, 6-9 am and 4-6 pm). A MVV day card for bicycles costs 2.50 euros for the entire network; the day card for Bavaria costs 4.50 euros. By the way, a tandem bike costs twice as much.

Bike rental

Bike store, city-, trekking-, mountainbike and tandem rental. Fahrradshop, Verleih von City-, Trekking-, Mountainbikes und Tandems. If you buy a new one, the first bike checkup is free 
›› Isarvorstadt, Hans-Sachs-Str. 7, Tel. 26 65 06,

Call a bike
Deutsche Bahn rental bikes are parked at intersections all over the city. If you want to rent a bike, call the hotline and you’ll be given the code that opens the lock. One minute costs 8 Cents, 24 hours cost 15 Euros. By the way, once they’ve registered, customers can use the service in Berlin, Frankfurt (Main), Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart and Karlsruhe.
›› Service-Hotline: 07 000-5 22 55 22,

Mike’s Bike Tours
Daily 4 hour entertaining & social sightseeing bike tours, day trip by bus or train to the Neuschwanstein castle includes a bike ride, hiking through a gorge or tandem paragliding. Bike rental.
›› Altstadt, Bräuhaus Str. 10, Tel. 25 54 39-87, -88 oder/or 01 72-8 52 06 60,

Four and a half-hour city tour by bike, bike rental for men, women and children, 3- to 7-gear hub, bike basket and child seat upon request. In addition, the “secret of the white sausages” is lifted during a detour into the beer garden.
›› Altstadt, Thomas-Wimmer-Ring 1, Tel. 24 23 17 67,

Radius Tours & Bikes
English language city tours, 180 bikes for rent. English language city tours, 180 bikes for rent. If you choose more than one tour, you get a 10 percent discount.
›› Ludwigsvorstadt, Arnulfstr. 3, im Hauptbahnhof/train station, Tel. 55 02 93 74,

A bike tour potpourri – from the beer tour to the soccer tour, from the political tour to the “na-tour” – awaits bicyclers here; also bike rentals.
›› Au, Ohlmüllerstr. 5, Tel. 6 92 46 99, www.spurwechsel-muenchen.

Leisure groups

ADFC – Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad Club
A club for everyone who prefers to ride a bike in a group rather than alone; members are divided into categories according to their ability.
›› Infoladen: Ludwigsvorstadt, Platenstr. 4, Tel. 77 34 29,

Mountain bike tours all over Europe, bike tours across the Alps and bike hotel reservations.
›› Isarvorstadt, Morassi­str. 8, Tel. 5 42 78 80,

DAV Mountainbike München
Mountainbike section of Munich’s Alpine Society with nearly 400 members. Offers day trips and mountain bike tours on the weekend.
›› Ludwigsvorstadt, Bayerstr. 21, Tel. 55 17 000,

RC „Die Schwalben“ 1894 e.V.
Munich’s oldest cycling club, road, mountain bike, track and cross country training and races. 24-hour mountain bike race in Steindorf (19./20. Juli 2008).
›› 82239 Alling, Kreuzstr. 2, Tel. 0 81 41/38 61 48, www.rcschwalben­


Bayernnetz für Radler

Very informative Internet page with over 100 detailed bike tours in Bavaria. You can order a free map with routes.

Fremdenverkehrsamt München
Information on Munich’s bike paths.
›› Altstadt, Sendlinger Str. 1, Tel. 233-9 65 00, www.muenchen­

The 294 km-long bicycle path goes from Mittenwald to Munich and on to Isarmündung in the Danube area. Usually flat and very easy to ride, it is also suitable for families. In addition to the beautiful nature, highlights include the picturesque old city of Bad Tölz and the former Weihenstephan Benedictine monastery in Freising.

München Mangfallradweg
66 km langer Radweg entlang der Mangfall (Nebenfluss des Inn) von München nach Rosenheim. Einen Zwischenstopp macht man am besten in Aying, wo das beliebte Ayinger Bier gebraut wird. Damit es anschließend auch weitergehen kann, bestellt man aber lieber nur – was sonst? – ein Radler.

66 km-long bike path along the Mangfall (a tributary of the Inn), from Munich to Rosenheim. The best place to take a break is in Aying, where the popular Ayinger beer is brewed. But, since you want to continue bicycling, it would be best to just order a “Radler” (a beer and soda pop combination that carries the German name for “bicyclist”).
›› www.swm.

Radl-Ring München
The Munich Radl-Ring connects the towns and communities in the Munich suburbs with one another. Overall, 135 km of bike path is available for bicyclists through the charming Munich environs and past jewels of cultural history and swimming holes that invite you to take a break. In addition, the Radl-Ring links culture and nature to one another in 20 theme routes. For example, you can ride along the traces of the Romans in the “Bruckner Land” in the Fürs­tenfeld­bruck district or get to know Munich better on the inner-city tours. What makes the Radl-Ring special is that it is coordinated to the S- and U-Bahn network of the MVV. Therefore, anyone can plan his route individually depending on his desires, mood and condition and can start or stop at almost any time. For further information about taking your bike with you in the MVV, see “Bike & ride”.
›› Radwanderkarte Radl Ring, Bielefelder Verlag (ISBN: 3-87073-349-7, 7,95 Euro),