The Olympiapark (Olympic Park) will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022 and it’s still one of Munich’s top visitor magnets. Most of the city’s big events take place here and presumably in 2022 a new attraction will be added with the SAP Garden. The Olympiapark is also a center for countless sports and leisure activities. Munich people come here to ice skate, swim or just enjoy the view from the Olympic Tower. And guided tours of the Olympia­park don’t just thrill tourists – Munich residents love the tour of the world-famous, tent-like roof of the Olympic stadium.



Milbertshofen, Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21, Tel. 30 67 -0, www.olympiapark.de


Public skating and ice hockey, plus Socc­Arena with indoor soccer on four small pitches.
›› Tel. 30 67-21 50, SoccArena: Tel. 30 67-21 37

Olympiahalle/Kleine Olympiahalle  

The very flexible Olympiahalle has up to 15,000 seats. The small Olympiahalle can accommodate as many as 4,000 spectators.
›› Tel. 30 67-0


The Olympic swimming hall, which is a sports and fitness public baths, has been extensively modernized and extended with an attractive children’s paddling area. In addition to the 50-meter competition pool, there is a diving pool with diving tower, as well as a sauna and fitness center.
›› Milbertshofen, Olympia­park, Coubertinplatz 1


Rock giants such as the Rolling Stones and AC/DC perform here. Also hosts athletics and winter sport events.
›› Tel. 30 67-0


14 tennis courts, floodlight, tennis store, stringing service, tennis lessons, tennis pub with sun terrace, April thru Oct.
›› Reservierung & Auskünfte/Booking and info: Tel. 30 67-26 89


Tower nearly 300-m high with a restaurant and observation platform.
›› Infos: Tel. 30 67-27 50

Roof climb  

Thrilling, two-hour tour of the Olympic Stadium’s unique roof. Especially daring visitors can dive from a height of 35 m through the stadium on the Flying Fox.
›› Anmeldung unter/registration under Tel. 30 67-24 14, www.olympiapark.de