Madame Miammiam




Book stores

For all amateur detectives this bookstore specializes in crime novels, political thrillers and spy stories. There is a big choice of original English-language books.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Limburger Str. 9, Tel. 24 44 96,

Buchhandlung Walther König
Well known for its first-class stock of art and design specialist literature, offering everything from architecture, design, art and photography. A few blocks away in the book market you can snap up some reduced price bargains.
›› Buchhandlungen und Büchermarkt: Altstadt-Nord, Ehrenstr. 4, Tel. 20 59 60
›› Büchermarkt: Alstadt-Nord, Breite Str. 79, Tel. 2 57 62 70
›› Postkartenladen: Alstadt-Nord, Breite Str. 93, Tel. 25 08 54 98

English Books and Tea
This pleasant book store is hidden in a side street in Cologne’s city center. It sells new and second-hand books in English as well as various British teas.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Auf dem Rothenberg 9a, Tel. 9 92 81 02,

Mayersche Buchhandlung
One of the Ruhr region’s biggest book chains. The stock is very varied and ranges from novels, textbooks and non-German literature to DVDs and audio books.
›› Altstadt-Süd, Neumarkt 2, Tel. 20 30 70
›› Altstadt-Nord, Schildergasse 31-37, Tel. 9 20 10 90
›› Sülz, Sülzburgerstr. 13, Tel. 29 27 34 40

Aged just 18 Benedikt Taschen opened his first comic store in 1980 in Cologne city center. The 25 sq m store developed into a company with branches in countries such as the U.S., Japan and France. His passion is for extravagant publications covering art, architecture, pop culture and lifestyle.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Hohenzollernring 28, Tel. 2 57 33 04,

Universitätsbuchhandlung Bouvier
The original shop of this book store founded in 1828 is one of Germany’s biggest book shops and now belongs to the Thalia chain.
›› Bonn-Zentrum, Am Hof 28-32, Tel. 0 228/72 90 10
›› Bouvier Büchermarkt: Am Hof 20, Tel. 0 228/72 90 11 56

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Something different

Boutique fraukayser
Cheerful phrases such as “the lightness of being’’ decorate the items sold here, including picture frames, kitchen aprons and baby wear.
›› Neustadt-Nord, Maastrichter Str. 40, Tel. 8 23 20 06,

English Shop
For Cologne residents who miss their much-loved British biscuits, crisps and breakfast cereals. American and Irish specialties are also stocked, all helping to bring a taste of home to the store cupboard.
›› Altstadt-Nord, An St. Agatha 41, Tel. 2 57 85 55,

Haus der Blumen
This florist has offered a limitless choice of top quality flowers for more than 20 years.
›› Bonn-Zentrum, Friedrichstr. 64, Tel. 0 228/63 60 61,

Things that normally would end up in the trash are turned here into little works of art. Futuristic lamps made from straw, bags from rice sacks and cases made out of brightly colored product packaging are just some examples.
›› Sülz, Berrenrather Str. 205, Tel. 5 94 90 96,

Maus & Co.
Fans of the German children’s TV characters Käpt’n Blaubär and the Maus or the British kids’ show Shaun the Sheep will be in heaven here. The store stocks soft toys or T-shirts with pictures of the colorful characters from programs broadcast on the WDR TV station as well as memorabilia from other WDR cult shows such as “Tatort,’’ “Ein Herz und eine Seele’’ and “Schimanski.’’ A paradise for fans of the Cologne’s WDR public broadcasting company.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Breite Str. 6-26, Tel. 2 57 21 34,

A realm of toys and leisure goods for more than 135 years.
›› Bonn-Zentrum, Gangolfstr. 8-10, Tel. 0 228/9 85 55-0,

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Contigo Bonn
Known for its excellent organic coffee from South and Central America. Also stocks jewelry, home decorations, silk products and hammocks, all from Fair Trade sources.
›› Bonn-Zentrum, Friedrichstr. 58, Tel. 0 228/2 80 86 68,

Hoss an der Oper
Hoss’s reputation as a traditional delicatessen with top-quality goods and excellent service stretches back more than 100 years. True gourmets will find everything they could wish for from delicious home-made weekly specials, frozen meals, a selection of quality wines or home-made jams, sauces and oils.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Breite Str. 25-27, Tel. 2 57 73 93,

Käsehaus Wingenfeld
Absolutely the best place for cheese lovers. Wingenfeld stocks more than 250 cheese varieties including very special cheeses that are hard to find elsewhere. If you want to know more about choosing the right cheeses and wines, you can join one of the regular cheese and wine courses.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Ehrenstr. 90, Tel. 25 33 41,

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Sweet things

In the factory shop of this Bonn-based, famous maker of gummy bears, you’ll find all Haribo products in one place. If you like the whole selection, you can buy a 4 kg surprise box. 
›› Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Friesdorfer Str. 121, Tel. 0 228/9 09 29 30,

Hernando Cortez Schokoladen
›› Altstadt-Nord, Gertruden Str. 23, Tel. 27 25 05 70,

Madame Miammiam
›› Neustadt-Nord, Antwerpener Str. 39, Tel. 94 99 85 19,

Törtchen Törtchen
Here the dreams of lovers of small cakes and tarts come true. Using the best French ingredients, tiny taste sensations such as Mango mousse with wild strawberries on an almond base are lovingly made by hand.
›› Altstadt-Nord, Alte Wallgasse 2a, Tel. 1 70 71 08
›› Nippes, Steinbergerstr. 5, Tel. 1 70 71 08
›› Rodenkirchen, Wilhelmstr. 74, Tel. 99 87 96 11

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