Ärpel mit Schlaat

Mashed potatoes (Ärpel) and salad (Schlaat), often with grilled black pudding.

Currywurst und Pommes
Whether you’re in Berlin, Hamburg or the Ruhr Region, a grilled sausage with curry sauce is always tasty. The most popular version in the Ruhr is sausage and curry sauce with fries and mayonnaise.

Long nights start like this: A glass of Pils with an ice-cold schnapps.

Himmel und Erde
The undoubted classic: Mashed potatoes with apple sauce, black pudding and onion rings.

In winter this hearty, spicy-hot meat stew, made with freshly-ground pepper tastes especially good.

A hearty broth with green beans cut into strips.

For this dish the leafy stems of turnips are cut off, steamed and served with a meaty, creamy sauce.